Let’s get Real – Heart intelligent, authentic living

Little kids are so spontaneous in expressing what moves in them in real time. It shifts from laughter, to sadness, to fear, to anger, to compassion, to elation. Love and energy is free flowing and abundant. We love it in children and it opens our hearts.

I say it doesn’t have to be so different when we grow up. Let’s get real. Let’s remember how to be heart intelligent and join the authenticity revolution!!

Jeff Brown inspired me with these words on facebook recently,

« Authenticity is not just a word. It’s not just a trendy concept. It’s not just a way to sell product. It’s a heartcore path. It’s a perilous journey. It’s a way of being that is not influenced by political considerations, not concerned with how it will be judged, not souling itself out for the mighty dollar. An authentic being bows down before nothing untrue. She owns her truth no matter the consequences. He is inspired from the inside out. She drowns other’s masks in her wake. It’s time to reclaim the word ‘authentic’, before it becomes as disingenuous and commercialized as the word ‘enlightened’. It ain’t authentic unless its nakedly true. »

A heartcore path

Yes ! This is a ‘heartcore path’. I call it heart intelligence. To open and listen and follow and communicate from our hearts is a practice and a choice in each and every moment, for the rest of our lives. For me, it is essential to my wellness. When I open authentically, life energy moves more freely. If I am not true to myself and expressing my truth, my body soon lets me know through tiredness, tension, anxiety or illness. I feel stuck and numb.

Nakedly true, now

To be authentic is about being ‘nakedly true’, with joyful abandon and unapologetic freedom. It reveals itself as we claim the strength of our vulnerability, take responsibility for what we experience, learn to love all of who we are and own our innate goodness.

It doesn’t mean we need to be profound and emotional all the time. It doesn’t mean we need to be open and wise and have it together all the time. It’s certainly not about being nice. It has nothing to do with being zen and at peace with all. There is no ‘all the time’. There is no should, must or ought to be. It simply means to be real and genuine with what is true for you now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Now. And to own it as your own.

I'll show you mine if you show me yoursWhat holds us back ?

To dare to look inwards and reveal our truth is the path to joyful awakening. Many of us fear it though, as though deep within there are hidden dark secrets and scary shadows that, if expressed, would make us shameful, unloveable monsters. If we were to fully express all that is within we would hurt others and thus ourselves. We may lose ourselves in the flood of overwhelming emotion. Instead, we lock the door, throw away the key and even forget that door exists. We choose to be what appears worthy and acceptable and loveable.

Those closed doors actually limit us coming into the expression of our fullness. They limit our potential intimacy, charisma, attractiveness and joy. They can affect our health.

The light withinI’ll bet you though if you actually shine some light into those dark corners, you will find that they are not so scary and unloveable after all. They do not define you. Perhaps there are things you’ve done or said or held on to with shame for years, but can you
accept that you did what you could at the time ? Can you see that the judgement may be coming from conditioning ? Can you see that you don’t always act on your judgements and dark thoughts even though they pass through your mind ? Can you see that they are only one small part of you and do not define you ?

Can even a tiny part of you realise that you are innately good, through and through ?

She owns her truth. He is inspired from the inside out.

The way to truly know and embody this truth, to expand into our fullness (shadows, warts and all) and start to disarm our walls of protection, is to share authentically with others and be met with open-hearted authenticity in return. We can practice this in safe, heart intelligent environments. We can be witnessed in our authentic joy and anger and sadness and shame and power.

It is essential that as adults we learn to own our stuff and take responsibility for what is moving in us. Its not a question of haphazardly projecting out everything that passes through our minds without reflection on how it might land with others or blaming it on our past traumas. As we take a deeper look within we can start to get real with ourselves. We can begin to find strength in our shadows. We can learn self-love. We can be grateful for how others trigger us. We can be inspired both from the inside out, as well as by the reflection of ourselves we see in others.

And little by little the energy flows again. Our life force can move freely. Abundant joy can arise as we experience and witness life moving through us. We may not have clarity on what is moving us at all times, but we can be light and joyful and at ease with where we are, especially in our depths. We can laugh at our craziness.

Let’s get real about what is real! And let’s enjoy the ride, together !

On Loneliness

Finally, I stopped, and there it was, that dreaded feeling of loneliness. That feeling I kept running away from by filling my days with work and training, and stuffing the gaps with emails and facebook.

Georgina Peard by Buzzmedia.ch

Georgina Peard by Buzzmedia.ch

It took me almost by surprise. Suddenly there was no work obligation, no study to be done. Plans got cancelled. My agenda was empty. In the space created, facebook could no longer fulfil the longing I had to connect physically, intimately, joyfully.

As I felt the emotion rising I flashed through a list of people in my mind wondering who I could reach out to, to make a plan, to fill the gap. I reached for the chocolate!

As the sense of loneliness sank deeper, tears rolled down my face. A tiny voice inside cried, “poor me, on my own again, what’s wrong with me.” I felt a vast emptiness within me. It hurt. And yet oddly, at the same time, I was aware of the exquisite purity of the emotion running through me and I could enjoy how deep I was feeling.

Many of us spend a lot of energy hiding from loneliness and avoiding the dark emptiness where life seems to have no meaning. Much of the time it seems we are completely unaware of and stubbornly resisting this driving force behind our actions. We cleverly mask the fear with busyness, social events and giving more of ourselves to ensure we feel needed.

There is no shame in feeling lonely. We all feel it at times. We can be surrounded by loving people and still feel lonely. Other times we can be totally alone and not feel lonely at all. I believe that to feel lonely is to be human and a beautiful emotion that allows us to connect to our true social nature and longing for connection.

Daring to feel the loneliness

What would happen if you stop next time you notice the loneliness creeping in and allow yourself to feel that vast emptiness within you, just for a moment?

For me it feels like dropping into an abyss. My heart sinks painfully inward. I feel hollow, vulnerable, like I am this tiny soul, alone, crouched in a ball of despair on the floor of infinite emptiness. My mind plays games with me – how I’ve created my suffering.

But then as I let go into that space, rather than fight it or fall victim to it, I find myself surrendering to its grandeur. I gradually start to connect to the power and longing of my open heart. I start to realize the immensity of the space, like a blank canvas, ready to receive whatever colours, forms and patterns I dare to co-create with life. Suddenly I am aware of infinite possibility. The space transforms from hollowness to creative potential and freedom and I bask in joyful awareness.

Inevitably, this is closely followed by a slap of fear and limiting beliefs! And I’m back! The emotion has moved freely through me but I have touched my Soul, I have felt my depths, I have connected to my longing. If I dare, I have the internal fire to take inspired action.

Let the loneliness move you

It is important not to linger in your pain body, wallowing in victimhood, drowning in the drama. Sometimes we can get addicted to this. That’s not healthy either.

Feel the emotion fully in your body with a sense of curiosity. Love it for what it is, pure emotion, without analysing it. Let it move freely through you like a wave and let it go naturally. Let your emotions actually move you. To be in your body at the same time as to witness the big picture is the practice. And I admit, it is not always easy!

Get clear on the longing that arises out of your open heart.

Send that longing out to the universe in whatever way you like (a silent prayer, a journal post, acknowledging it and sharing it with someone, an offering….).

Use the fire of your longing to take one immediate inspired action step. Courageously step out of your comfort zone. This may be to dare to express your loneliness and vulnerability to another. Ask specifically for the support you need from others. Get some proper hugs. Follow the longing to actively create authentic, heart open, joyful relationships and community.

Re-commit to honouring your inner guidance system, your truth, your Soul wisdom (i.e. by following it).

Meeting your Soul

To connect with ease and grace to your loneliness, I believe, is to meet your Soul. I’ll say that again, so that you can read it slowly!

To connect with ease and grace to your loneliness, I believe, is to meet your Soul.

Perhaps then we no longer need to fear and run in circles to avoid the emptiness. We can even enjoy it, knowing the power it has to inspire us and ignite our true heart’s longing, the basis for all manifestation.




To live heart open

What does it really mean to open our hearts and live heart open? It would be nice to imagine that it means to feel happy and blissful all the time. But that’s not it.

The more we open our hearts, the more we feel. The more we feel, the more we have access to experience and express abundant joy, awe and wonder, pleasure, passion, love, intimacy and true connection with others. The more we feel, the more easily we can also experience sadness, longing, envy, anger, grief, loneliness and the pain of disconnection and closing.

We often label emotions as positive or negative, but to live heart open is to let life and energy move through us freely. Emotion = energy in motion. Suffering comes only when we judge, suppress or block that energy based on societal norms, conditioning or fear. It may be that we misuse that energy by not taking responsibility for it and projecting it out onto others, such as through blame, abuse, resentment or rage.

Imagine being angry, letting out a roar, “I am so Angry!” and feeling your body vibrate with the fire of passion within you. Imagine feeling lonely and letting yourself drop into the vast emptiness within you, that space from which all longing can emerge. Imagine being in nature and opening all of your senses in awe and wonder to the beauty before you. Imagine being so close and intimate with another that you can feel their energy merge with yours.

open-heart-feed-soulTo live heart open means to need others, to let love in, to be vulnerable. It means to connect deeply to yourself and your inner truth. It means to express that truth and all of who you are to the world, when it is safe to do so, without the masks or role-play.

As I learn to open my heart it feels exhilarating to feel so much, to let in more love and to let more of me out. I dance, I sing, I laugh more. As I dare to share my truth, my longing and my fears, it is scary to feel so vulnerable and exposed. Each time I stretch just a little bit more open I can feel a part of me running for cover, to close and hide away. Each time I step into the light to be seen and heard, I feel a little part of me collapsing in fear. And the more I open, the more I need love, support, a warm embracing hug, and a shoulder to cry on.

I want to follow and share my truth, but the truth is that I am not always met. I risk being rejected, judged and misunderstood. I do not always have the love and support around me that I long for. I feel the pain of the disconnect even more. I feel my heart break and my heart close.

So what to do? Do I close again so as not to feel this pain, and at the same time close down the amount of joy and love I can experience? No, I want to keep going, to let my heart break open, to be an open heart warrior, to dare to follow my heart’s truth even if that leads to disappointment or judgement. This, for me, is to feel alive and free.

To live heart open means to be able to hold in compassion my own full range of emotions so that I can then be present to and hold in compassion the full range of emotions in others.

So are you ready to meet me there and celebrate each individual’s truth, hearts open?

A Calling Home – the ultimate purpose in life

What if our ultimate purpose in life is to experience ourselves, to know ourselves, to come home to ourselves? What if each moment, each encounter, each circumstance in our lives is there to guide us home? What if the purpose of life is to enjoy it, to enjoy this never-ending enlightening process?!

Would you live life differently? How would you show up today? How would you experience your breath, your body, and your food? Would you experience and express your emotions differently? How would you be with the next stranger you meet, with your family, your lover? How would you deal with the next challenge? What would you do with your time, your gifts, your passions, and your dreams?

Georgina Peard by Buzzmedia.chMe, I choose to dance with life, to let life move through me and to be open to explore my unique expression. I choose to find ways and places and people with whom I can open and share my heart. I choose to seek out and dare to share and live my truth in each moment. I choose to love and let love in.

I choose to see and own my fear, my judgements, my envy, my anger, my sadness, my hidden shadows, my mistakes and all the ways I close my heart in fear of not being met or accepted or loved. I choose to show up, real, authentic, and vulnerable. And I choose to see you, to hear you, to feel you, to dance with you and to learn from you.

And when I don’t, when I am disconnected, resistant, distant and cold, I choose not to wrong myself but to be honest and gentle in that disconnect, to love myself there, to learn, to grow, and to commit again to opening my heart. I want to feel that I am doing the best I can.

I choose to be guided by life as it manifests in and through me as a means to know and experience myself.

Why? I choose this because I long to come home. I long to be free and vibrantly alive. I long to be all that I am. I long to be met, to be seen, and to be loved as me. And I long to share my experiences of life in meaningful and joyful ways.

Georgina Peard by Buzzmedia.ch

Resolutions for 2014? Are you for or against?

I am one of those people who unashamedly loves making resolutions, dreaming about possibilities and imagining the year ahead. Why?

Because of how it makes me FEEL!

I am filled with hope, inspired by possibility, and excited by limitless potential. As I dream, for just a moment, the fear and doubt don’t exist. The ‘how’ doesn’t matter. I am filled with happy hormones!

This is about focusing on what I feel, what I want to feel, and what my heart longs for. It’s like starting fresh, taking a new perspective on myself and my life, and daring to dream that all is possible when I am in my true power.

The New Year holds particular meaning for creating intention but really every day, every moment and every breath offers the same opportunity.


Focus on what you want to feel, not on how to get it

Last year, my mentor made me aware of Kevin Trudeau’s “Your Wish is Your Command” CD series. It highlighted for me the importance of (i) feeling good right now in order to channel positive energy and thoughts, (ii) focusing my efforts on what I want to have, feel or do as the most critical influencing factor in manifesting my dreams, and (iii) connecting to the idea or feeling of what I want as much as possible.

Based on an understanding that “we don’t know what we don’t know”, and that most indices are off our ‘radar screen’ or current awareness, it is pointless to overly focus on HOW to manifest our dreams. We simply don’t yet know what is possible or what opportunities will arise tomorrow. Over-planning and controlling, in fact, can result in limiting our potential.

I might put all my hope, for example, into a relationship (business or intimate) with one specific person simply because he is on my ‘radar screen’, he is in front of me and seems perfect. But in fact it would be better to focus on what I want to feel in a relationship since I may not yet even know the right person who may be just around the corner! I have no idea what experience I will have tomorrow that could alter my perspective.

Ok, so here goes for my heart’s longing….

In 2014 I long to experience more love, to laugh and have fun, to feel free, connected to others, supported, and vibrantly alive, to make a difference and to fearlessly follow my heart.  

Connecting to the heart

Last year I was struck by how quickly I could manifest certain dreams and desires when they were from the heart. Most often they came in a form that I could not have imagined myself. Through my practice and training with Christian Pankhurst in Heart Intelligence, I have also discovered just how challenging it is to unravel the layers of conditioning, ‘head-strong’ programming and defence mechanisms that I/we hold and to get clear on what we really want. It’s about getting rid of the habitual “I need to”, “I should”, “I have to”, and replacing them all with “I want to….”

Getting clear on your heart’s true longing often requires assistance from others who can feel into your truth as you express it (the bull shit monitor!). Your truth always feels ‘juicy’ and real. Again the key here is how it FEELS. Something moves or resonates within my body as I connect to my heart’s true longing. My eyes light up, my body relaxes, my heart opens and I instantly feel better. I feel emotional.

7 tips to meaningful resolutions 

So here are my tips on making resolutions that really come from the heart:

  1. Get into your body.  Free your body and mind of tension. Perhaps dancing, yoga, going for a run, stomping your feet or shaking the body, making sound or a massage can help. You may need to do something active first if your energy is high, and give yourself at least 15 minutes to move into your interior world.
  2. Now slow right down and relax, through slow movement and breathing, gradually moving to stillness, sitting in a chair or on the floor.
  3. Write down the answers to these questions on paper:
    1. What am I feeling in relation to my life right now? This might include what you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and intuitively. Get present and be totally honest, even if you feel numb. Don’t get into any stories!
    2. What do I long to feel in my life in relation to: (i) My health?  (ii) My relationship(s)? (iii) My work?  (iv) ….?
    3. How do I want to show up in the world this year? How does this feel? What does it look like? (Tip: you can change this to this week or today or even this moment as a regular practice.)
  4. Tune-in regularly as you ask these questions to how you are feeling in your body. Try to drop down into your heart rather than searching for the answers in your head. Ask the question and wait, let the answer come to you as you feel into it.
  5. As you notice any doubts and fears sneaking in during or after this process, try saying the following: “Ok I acknowledge that fear and limiting belief but right now I choose not to believe it.”
  6. Keep these answers somewhere safe, perhaps in your ‘dream book’, and look at them regularly. Don’t worry for now about the ‘how’ – just keep focusing on these feelings and let yourself be totally immersed in how it looks and feels to follow your heart’s longing. Permit yourself to be content in the longing.
  7. Ask a close friend (emotionally intelligent ideally) to listen as you express your heart’s longing. Their role is to FEEL and share with you what moves for them as you express yourself. They must not judge or give advice or criticism. Their sole purpose is to give their spontaneous response in terms of what moves for them. To be heard expressing your heart’s desire can be very powerful!!!

Let me know how you get on, if this is useful and share your intentions and heart’s desires for 2014 below. What other techniques do you use to connect to your hearts’ longing?

Why yoga might transform your life

I often say it. We hear about it and read about it. Yoga can transform your life! But how can a bunch of odd looking poses, breathing and relaxation techniques have such an impact? 

Two key points to recognize here before I say more:

  1. We are each born with a certain genetic disposition that affects our health – nothing we can do about that.
  2. We have no control over other people, their actions and reactions, nor any other external factor or past event.

These seem obvious but if you think about it for a moment you might be surprised how often you ‘suffer’ and complain that your life is not what you want because of these!

So if we can’t change or control these aspects, then all that remains is ourselves. Very important caveat at this point:

Transforming your life ≠ changing you!!

I would like to suggest that transforming your life is a process by which you take control and power over your own life and move toward your joy and optimum wellness. 

source: Rgbstock

source: Rgbstock

We do have  full control over what we do, say and think and how we interact with others and with life in general. The challenge, however, is that our way of being, thinking and doing is influenced by our ‘conditioning’. Yogic wisdom refers to this as ‘samskāra’.

Unconscious patterns of behaviour

When we are born we function instinctively, with no judgement or barriers. Quickly though our actions and reactions start to get programmed into the body and brain. Based on our experiences and what we are taught or learn from watching and imitating, our actions, reactions and interpretations of the world start to become more reflexive and engrained. We start to walk, talk and act like our parents!! As we move through life we continue to be conditioned by neuromuscular organization (i.e. repetitive movement programmed into brain and body) and socialization (i.e. what is considered the norm in our community or society). When we experience emotions or pain the support we receive to deal with these at the time will affect how we deal with them in the future.

The characteristic of this conditioning or samskāra is that it is unconscious or reflexive. Our ways of doing, being and seeing the world become our own norms and we don’t even realize that they are not necessarily the same for someone else, perhaps not serving us best and that we have the choice! There may be other ways or perspectives.

If this conditioning is not optimal for our well-being but is unconscious, we may be confused as to why we are ‘suffering’ and cannot bring about the changes we desire in our lives. Perhaps you have the reflexive reaction to watch tv to numb out thoughts and feelings when things get difficult. Maybe you find yourself again and again in relationships that are abusive, thinking nobody likes you when you get rejected, or constantly pushing yourself to exhaustion (hmmm, that one is familiar to me!)

How to break the conditioning?

This is where I can come back to the role of Yoga!

Yoga asanas give us the opportunity to feel more. Georgina Peard by GDavila (c)

Yoga asanas give us the opportunity to feel more. Georgina Peard by GDavila (c)

There is nothing static in life. Change is constant. If we become aware of our conditioning we can choose to break the habits or patterns that no longer serve us and replace them with patterns that bring us joy and wellness. As Gary Kraftsow, one of America’s foremost yoga therapists and author of Yoga for Wellness, says “this liberation for the effects of conditioning, on all levels, is the purpose of Yoga”.

In our daily lives most of our attention is turned outward. So only when we start to look inward and develop our self-awareness can we notice the patterns. This is key to transforming your life!

It is not enough to simply think about our conditioning. Since so much is programmed and engrained in our neuromuscular structure, there is a need to embody the transformation.

Again in Gary’s words, “Āsana practice was developed as a means of purifying and restructuring the body, bringing to it the qualities of stability, strength, flexibility, stillness and a sense of clarity and well-being. It does this by introducing some non-mechanical elements into our daily life, through which we free ourselves from conditioning and effect positive change”.

So the process of transformation starts here, and the practice of yoga can only be truly transformational, I believe, if there is a primary focus on interiorizing our attention and exploring the body with a sense of curiosity.

In future posts and in my yoga classes I will continue to explore this topic and ways to practice to become more aware. In the meantime, I’d love to hear in what ways yoga has transformed your life.

Be Bright,


Feeling under the weather? 4 steps toward your Joy

It’s the end of May and the topic of conversation here in Switzerland reminds me of every day conversation back home in Ireland. Everyone is complaining about the weather! It’s not what we expected and hoped for in Spring but its what we are being given. So how about taking the weather as an opportunity to practice letting go?

rain on window

I like to compare it to any situation or circumstance in life that is uncomfortable, not what you expected and hoped for, or downright annoying. How do you react to such circumstances in life? Perhaps observing how you are experiencing this ‘extended winter’ can give you some clues.

Attachment to expectations

Our attachment to expectations of what Spring should be like are a big contributing factor to how we cope with this unexpected weather. In the same way, our attachment to expectations of the way other people should act, how we ourselves should be or how our experience of life should be, are key reasons for suffering.

Yoga teaches us that we cannot control the changing circumstances in life nor the actions of other people. We do, however, have a choice in every moment about how we act and react to these circumstances and other people.

I know that in situations in which I am not comfortable I have a tendency to tense up my muscles in resistance. I close in on myself, closing the front of my body in a form of protection and taking more ‘weight’ on my back and shoulders. No wonder then that my body starts to feel tired, tight and achy. As I physically close, I start to see the impact on my mood. Life seems more difficult. I feel more reclusive, less trusting and less open to others. I get more negative, anxious and depressed thoughts, and I might start to blame someone else for all of this. How unfair? Why me? Or more likely, I might blame myself. What’s wrong with me?

Any of that sound familiar to you? Any of this creeping in to your body and mind these days with the rainy, cold weather?

Letting go of control

Underneath the surface is a strong desire to control the circumstances unfolding rather than focus on your experience of them. The great thing is that when we choose to become conscious we have an opportunity to step out of the drama for a moment and observe the story we are creating. At this point then, with a higher view point and greater awareness, we can choose the way in which the rest of the script might evolve! Do I choose to close up, to fight or flea the situation and to adhere to fear-based thinking? Or do I choose to let-go of my fear and my desire to control the situation, to surrender to a universal force that is greater than me and open up to what I might learn from the experience? When we are fully present we will also know what to do or say in order to be true to ourselves.

4 steps toward your Joy

  1. Be willing to witness and acknowledge what is going on for you.
  2. Be willing to let go of what doesn’t feel good, to surrender (even into the unknown). The surrender may not come instantly, but be willing, have the intention to let go.
  3. Consider what you want to feel instead and create a clear vision of this. Close your eyes and feel it.
  4. Consider what you can do in this moment to embody this desired feeling further and take one (maybe tiny) step toward what you want to feel….toward your heart’s joy.

Choose self-love

When in challenging circumstances the most important principle I believe is self-love. So that step toward your joy might be simply taking a few deep breaths to centre yourself, or lying down and doing nothing for 10 minutes. It might be going for a walk in nature. It might be turning off all computers and phones and spending quality time with a loved one, or taking a candle lit bath in silence. It might be gathering up all your courage and speaking out your truth or expressing it through art or movement. It might be going out dancing with your friends. You will know when you pause to check-in on what you need.

Lie back and relax

Here is a restorative yoga pose that I find really helpful at the moment, allowing me to practice letting go and opening up as I let my body relax. It feels great! If you don’t have bolsters and blocks, just use firm cushions or stacked blankets. You need to make sure that every part of your body feels supported, especially all the joints like the knees and ankles, lower back, elbows, wrists and neck. Get comfortable, make sure you are warm so cover yourself with a blanket, take a few deep breaths and then just let go and enjoy the journey. I like to practice this pose for at least 15 minutes.

Reclining King Pose (c) Georgina Peard

Reclining King Pose (c) Georgina Peard