Remembering “I AM” through Yoga Nidra

I start to move and stretch and yawn, returning from a deep state of Yoga Nidra. No need to rush this delicious moment of transition. My body is relaxed, comfortable and warm. I savour my every breath. I hear cowbells outside the chalet. I sense the profound stillness of the mountains rising up all around. I feel safe, grounded and expansive. It is for these moments of “remembering” that I offer myself a long weekend retreat once a month.

As I sit up the morning sun appears over the mountain ridge directly in front. It warms and illuminates my face and closed eyes. I smile with delight and enjoy how that smile feels in my heart.

As I open my eyes, the hillside opposite is ablaze with yellow, gold, green and amber colours, topped off by the snow-capped peaks above and a bright blue sky. I smile with even more delight. Here I AM.

Here and Now. I AM.

It seems as though my inner reality is reflecting all around me. It seems as though the outer reality is reflecting within me. We are one. The beauty. The vibrancy. The stillness. The peace. The grandeur. The humility. The presence. This I AM.

I sit a while, acknowledging the felt sense of I AM in my body. Time stands still.

i-am enoughAs I begin to move into the rest of my day, I am awake, open and happily inviting in the next Here and Now moment, yet with the remembered knowing that I AM, and that in every new moment I can access this deep well of resourcefulness and truth.

This is the one of the powerful benefits of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra literally means ‘yogic sleep’ or ‘awakened sleep’. It is a process of awakening to an embodied knowing of your true nature. It describes a state of being or awareness that is completely effortless.

As you let go of conditioning, attachment and resistance, you induce deep physical, emotional and mental rest, thus allowing your body to regenerate. By cultivating an embodied sense of safety and effortlessness, you tune in to your innate wisdom, your heart’s desire and your interconnectedness with all life – the I AM.

The practice of Yoga Nidra is accessible to everyone, anywhere. Lying or sitting comfortably you simply follow the voice of a facilitator guiding you into this deep state of relaxed being. Maybe you sleep a moment. That’s ok.

I recommend practicing Yoga Nidra on a regular, ideally daily or weekly basis, taking 15 to 30 minutes with a facilitator or using pre-recorded practices to drop into your heart and a deep state of rest and effortlessness. This regular practice of letting go helps you to remember and feel throughout your being, that all is well.

I facilitate Yoga Nidra sessions during weekly classes, workshops and retreats, as well as one-to-one sessions with your own personal recording for home use. Check out upcoming dates for events at

Join me for Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga every Wednesday from 19h30-21h00 at Elaneha in Rolle

For more information and free recordings of Yoga Nidra check out this fantastic resource website: 

I am that I am


Do you know your WHY?

“When you know your WHY, your WHAT has more impact because you are walking in or toward your purpose” Michael JR comedian 

I hear it all the time that people are not yet clear on their purpose. They are stuck in focusing on the WHAT and the HOW and the WHEN!

I believe that not knowing your WHY is a key factor leading to boredom, anxiety, depression, stress and burn-out. It can make our Chi or Prana, life-force energy, stagnate. In shamanic terms we can call it ‘soul loss’.

This is my own personal experience. Back in 2009-2010 I was fast burning-out, suffering anaemia and chronic fatigue, and struggling to pick myself up. I knew I needed to rekindle the fire of passion within me. I needed to find my WHY!

We do not need to know “how” or “where”, but there is one question that we should all ask whenever we start anything: “What am I doing this for?” Paolo Coelho, The Valkyries

If you don’t know WHY you are doing something, it’s pretty hard to keep motivated and enthusiastic about it, and its all too easy to go off track (way off track over time), and follow old conditioning or other people’s desires (those who do know their WHY).

  • WHY do you do the job you do?
  • WHY are you passionate about your sport / your pet / …….?
  • WHY do you eat the way you do?
  • WHY are you in the relationship you are in?
  • WHY do you want to have a daily yoga or meditation practice?
  • WHY do you think the way you do about……?
  • WHY do you NOT make your dreams come true?

Are you doing it because it makes you feel great? Are you doing it for someone else? Because it seems to be the right thing to do? Because it just happened like that? Because you are actually afraid of your own happiness, light and power? Maybe it felt right before but is it still right for you now?

If it is not nourishing you, WHY are you still doing it?

Perhaps it doesn’t need a radical change, to leave your family, change jobs and fly off to the Tropics! Perhaps it just needs a reflection and repositioning of the WHY!

In shamanic terms we talk about stalking awareness – going out on the ‘hunt’.

It is time to start STALKING your WHY!!!

Check out this short Michael JR video on Facebook for a fabulously inspiring and uplifting example of the difference between just doing something because you can, and doing it with passion because it’s got meaning for you, and you know WHY!

Michael JR comedian

So what is my big WHY? 

It is to support people to come home to their hearts and remember who they truly are, because I believe that when we remember and drop into our open hearts…..

  • we awaken, together;
  • we act out of love rather than fear, and love heals;
  • we free ourselves of conditioning and explore our limitless joy and potential;
  • we nourish our minds, bodies and souls, and remember vibrant wellness;
  • and we live joyfully on purpose, in service.

What is your WHY…..?  

Please do share as it is inspiring for everyone and helps others get clear on their own WHYs.

The time to work on ourselves is over

One of the ways we often stumble on the path of awakening is that we get a little consumed in ‘working’ on ourselves, improving ourselves, and ‘processing’ life.

With this personal and spiritual development focus, we sometimes forget that there is nothing to fix or eliminate in us. There is nothing broken or wrong in the first place!

In our desire to become a ‘better’ person, we can tire ourselves out and beat ourselves up over not making enough ‘progress’. We forget that we have already made it! We already have access to all that we are.

The conscious spiritual path is not something separate to daily human living. It is right here, in and amongst the heat of relationships, work and play, with the rainbow of crazy thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. It is the path of learning love.

I love all that I am
Since my training with Andrew Barnes this summer, his words of truth echo in my mind:

“The time to work on ourselves is over.

The time to love ourselves is now.

The time for processing is over.

The time for loving is now.” Andrew Barnes


And this week, another beautiful anchoring came from a post by Matt Kahn:

be-your-own-best-friend_1“Instead of trying to silence your mind chatter, simply love the one who wants to chat.

Instead of trying to shift your emotions, just love the one who can’t stop feeling.

Instead of trying to resolve each fear, simply love the one who’s always afraid.

Instead of trying to let things go, just love the one who still holds on.

Instead of trying to not take things personally, simply love the one who makes life personal.

Instead of trying to prove your worth, just love the one who feels worthless, lost, and alone.

Instead of trying to leap forward in evolution, simply love the one who feels left behind.

Instead of having something to prove, just love the one who came here to play.

Instead of bossing yourself around and measuring your progress through spiritual obedience, simply love the one who refuses to listen.

Instead of trying to believe, just love the one in doubt.

Instead of trying whatever you attempt, simply love the one needing permission to be.

Whatever arises, love that. This is the way of an awakening heart.”

LoveYourself Dr Seuss

Loving ourselves is the most natural, important, challenging and powerful practice we have been given. Let’s make it enjoyable. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Love yourself as much as you would wish someone to love you. You deserve it!

Auditions for yourself


Letting go to let love flow

As I let go of what I think it means to love, I am learning what it actually means to love, unconditionally, myself and others. As I let go, I allow myself to be touched by grace.

In my effort to know and understand love, to give and receive, to be loveable and feel worthy of love, I have found myself often not knowing or understanding, and not always truly loving or letting it in. When I let go of the effort, I open in humility to how life and love can flow effortlessly.

Let-Love-In Image from

To love another unconditionally means to allow them to be and to show up in their own way, as themselves, and as best they can in the now moment. To see them with fascination, awe and wonder, and as their own sovereign being. To delight in their joy and excitement and dreams. To hold their highest light for them, even when they cannot feel or see it in themselves or are acting unconsciously out of fear. To hold them and soothe their wounds as they regather their strength, courage and wisdom.

It is to love without needing anything in return.

It is to be ok with those parts of them that irritate me, that disappoint me, or that I simply don’t like and to see beyond that. It is not to accept what is not right for me and not an act of love, but to speak my truth and lovingly call them to account and back into their power and consciousness, just as I call myself to account when out of line with my truth.

It is not thinking I know best or better than them for them, but trusting that they are exactly where they need to be, as am I. It is not limiting their potential based on past experience but allowing me and them to show up anew in this now moment. It is not thinking I know how I must be loved but rather to allow them to love me in the way they can, in the way that feels true, authentic and free to them. And to be ok even when they are unable or unwilling to love me back. This does not make me unloveable or unworthy of love, nor them.

To love ourselves unconditionally is exactly the same.

We may not like feeling sad, angry, lonely, jealous or bitter. We may not like feeling anxious, fearful, weak, confused or out of control. We may know very well that they are fictions of the mind. We may even have all the words and tools to transform those feelings. We may feel that we have done all the yoga and meditation and personal development to know better than this. But can we be ok with where we are at just now? Can we sit with it, take ownership of it, without throwing it out unconsciously at another? Can we say with kindness to ourselves, “yes I know this too will pass but right now this is where I’m at and that’s ok”.

Life is messy. To be human is to be messy.

  • Can you be ok with the messiness sometimes, in you and in others?
  • Can you be ok with not knowing and not having the answers yet?
  • Can you be ok with being the vulnerable child rather than the wise old sage at times?

Because right here where you are right now, perhaps there is something beautiful, a little gem ready to be discovered.

When we let go of the resistance, the ‘should’, the ‘must’, the ‘ought to be’ and the ‘what if’, what is it that remains? …….. just what is.

In letting go of the struggle we learn humility and grace. We learn compassion and empathy. In our vulnerability we open to asking for help, letting in and receiving.

Through these softened eyes and heart we may see and feel anew. Humbled by life’s greatness, we may notice…..the abundance of love available all around; the depth of someone’s ability to love and care for us, and the beauty of their soul; the unspoken pain and suffering and longing in another; all the efforts someone is making in their own way to be the best person they can; the strength and greatness of our own spirit; the vibrant aliveness and beauty of nature; the ways in which the universe supports and guides us…..

As we let go of the trying, the resistance and the control, we open ourselves to be touched by Grace.

So although you may not know what to do or say or feel or even think at some point; although you may not be feeling good about what you have done or said; although there may be so much pain, unfairness and inequality in the world right now, can you let go for just a moment, let go of needing to understand, to have any answers or anything to offer in assistance, and trust that all is ok?

Everything that you have done, said and thought has its own perfection.

I am ok. They are ok. There is, somehow, right now, a perfection to what is.

Ask to be held there, by a loved one, a friend, a therapist, or by the earth / Gaia / God / your spirit guides or ancestors. Soften into being.

Let it go for now. Open up to letting in. Open up to the unknown.

Let this moment grace you and speak to you and love you, in whatever way it will.

All is well. All is as it is.

16.03.15 Allow the universe rise up to hold you

Ask yourself these questions for a more gentle transition this Autumn

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you’ve really enjoyed these glorious summer months. For the first time in years I offered myself a whole month off to rest and recharge, as well as expand and grow. What a treat! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’d like to let you know now about what’s coming up this Autumn. Lots of offerings: Retreats, Heart Circles, Yoga, Massage, Shamanic Gatherings…. You can see my full calendar here.

Since I last wrote (which was a while ago!) I’ve been on a powerful personal and professional development journey, training in relationship and couples coaching, shamanic healing, self-empowerment and emotional release tools, yoga nidra, tantra and sacred temple arts. It is such a privilege (and a challenge sometimes too) to explore and expand into new realms of myself, increasing my vibrations, in order to keep sharing these experiences and tools with you for your own transformational journeys.

Rest and Recharge. Expand and Grow. 

These seem to me to be essential ingredients for a joyful, fulfilled life, and a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We all need the down time. Quiet space to let our minds rest and bodies restore. To be still and listen. Switching off computers, phones and agendas. Tuning in to nature, our bodies, hearts and intuition. In resting and loving ourselves we call back our power.

From this place we can access a more authentic and sustainable form of energy – our creative life-force energy. We take responsibility for creating our lives and make self-empowered, conscious decisions that serve and nourish us. From here we can expand and grow.

Is this not essential to your happiness and well-being? Is this not essential to you being the best version of you in relationships, as a mother, lover, husband, manager, friend….. as a human?!

Ask yourself these questions
As we transition from summer to autumn, I encourage you to ask yourself:

  • what do I need to nourish myself on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
  • what allows me to feel vibrantly alive?
  • am I creating enough space for that?

I’ve noticed how important it is for me to regularly retreat and have what I call ‘creative space’. Every month I schedule one 3-4 day weekend to retreat. They are blocked in my diary already every month until the end of the year. Time to switch off digitally, turn my attention inwards as well as listen to the larger universe. I promise its better for you that I do this!! :)

Rest to Rise Retreat, 8 – 11 October 2015

Early Bird price ends 8 September!!

This Autumn I’m offering my signature “Rest to Rise” Retreat two times. 8 – 11 October in English, and 12 – 15 November in French. Immersed in rural life at the beautiful Les Serans in the French Jura, we spend 3.5 days resting and relaxing through:

  • restorative yoga
  • yoga nidra
  • breathing
  • meditation
  • stalking awareness in nature
  • and massage!

I’m delighted to say that Alexandre Pepe, an ayurvedic therapist and energy healer in Geneva, will join me again this time to offer the massages. He brings a beautiful energy to the weekend and enjoys sharing his experiences on wellness and conscious living with a sense of humour.

There are only 10 places per retreat and filling up! Please do join us. Give yourself the essential gift of self-love, rest and space this Autumn!

I look forward to seeing you very soon.
With love, à tout bientôt,
Georgina xxx

Allow the universe to hold you


16.03.15 Allow the universe rise up to hold you


Give yourself the space to rest regularly. Try out this deep healing supported child’s pose when life feels too much. It is a true blessing and practice of self-love when are feeling distracted, dispersed, anxious, fearful, exhausted or like you just need to come home to you. Its also great for stomach cramps or PMS.

Let go and allow the universe lift up to support you. Allow yourself to be held like a child in the arms of Mother Earth.

Want to learn Restorative Yoga?
Join me for a Rest to Rise Retreat – a deep healing retreat. Next retreat is this Easter, from 7 – 11 April 2015.
Or why not come along for weekly Restorative Yoga classes on Wednesdays, 19h30-21h00, at Elaneha, Rolle, Switzerland.