Ask yourself these questions for a more gentle transition this Autumn

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you’ve really enjoyed these glorious summer months. For the first time in years I offered myself a whole month off to rest and recharge, as well as expand and grow. What a treat! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’d like to let you know now about what’s coming up this Autumn. Lots of offerings: Retreats, Heart Circles, Yoga, Massage, Shamanic Gatherings…. You can see my full calendar here.

Since I last wrote (which was a while ago!) I’ve been on a powerful personal and professional development journey, training in relationship and couples coaching, shamanic healing, self-empowerment and emotional release tools, yoga nidra, tantra and sacred temple arts. It is such a privilege (and a challenge sometimes too) to explore and expand into new realms of myself, increasing my vibrations, in order to keep sharing these experiences and tools with you for your own transformational journeys.

Rest and Recharge. Expand and Grow. 

These seem to me to be essential ingredients for a joyful, fulfilled life, and a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We all need the down time. Quiet space to let our minds rest and bodies restore. To be still and listen. Switching off computers, phones and agendas. Tuning in to nature, our bodies, hearts and intuition. In resting and loving ourselves we call back our power.

From this place we can access a more authentic and sustainable form of energy – our creative life-force energy. We take responsibility for creating our lives and make self-empowered, conscious decisions that serve and nourish us. From here we can expand and grow.

Is this not essential to your happiness and well-being? Is this not essential to you being the best version of you in relationships, as a mother, lover, husband, manager, friend….. as a human?!

Ask yourself these questions
As we transition from summer to autumn, I encourage you to ask yourself:

  • what do I need to nourish myself on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
  • what allows me to feel vibrantly alive?
  • am I creating enough space for that?

I’ve noticed how important it is for me to regularly retreat and have what I call ‘creative space’. Every month I schedule one 3-4 day weekend to retreat. They are blocked in my diary already every month until the end of the year. Time to switch off digitally, turn my attention inwards as well as listen to the larger universe. I promise its better for you that I do this!! :)

Rest to Rise Retreat, 8 – 11 October 2015

Early Bird price ends 8 September!!

This Autumn I’m offering my signature “Rest to Rise” Retreat two times. 8 – 11 October in English, and 12 – 15 November in French. Immersed in rural life at the beautiful Les Serans in the French Jura, we spend 3.5 days resting and relaxing through:

  • restorative yoga
  • yoga nidra
  • breathing
  • meditation
  • stalking awareness in nature
  • and massage!

I’m delighted to say that Alexandre Pepe, an ayurvedic therapist and energy healer in Geneva, will join me again this time to offer the massages. He brings a beautiful energy to the weekend and enjoys sharing his experiences on wellness and conscious living with a sense of humour.

There are only 10 places per retreat and filling up! Please do join us. Give yourself the essential gift of self-love, rest and space this Autumn!

I look forward to seeing you very soon.
With love, à tout bientôt,
Georgina xxx

Allow the universe to hold you


16.03.15 Allow the universe rise up to hold you


Give yourself the space to rest regularly. Try out this deep healing supported child’s pose when life feels too much. It is a true blessing and practice of self-love when are feeling distracted, dispersed, anxious, fearful, exhausted or like you just need to come home to you. Its also great for stomach cramps or PMS.

Let go and allow the universe lift up to support you. Allow yourself to be held like a child in the arms of Mother Earth.

Want to learn Restorative Yoga?
Join me for a Rest to Rise Retreat – a deep healing retreat. Next retreat is this Easter, from 7 – 11 April 2015.
Or why not come along for weekly Restorative Yoga classes on Wednesdays, 19h30-21h00, at Elaneha, Rolle, Switzerland.

The Heart Warrior

I believe the true path to health and happiness is to listen to and courageously follow your heart. I also strongly believe that following your heart is not a fanciful luxury but a guiding force to fulfilling your unique purpose in life.

However, it takes Warrior spirit to truly follow your heart.

In his book Warriors of the Heart, Danaan Parry notes that “The Buddhist  tradition defines the Warrior as ‘one who has the courage to know oneself.’….The Tibetan definition of a ‘warrior’ is ‘one who faces one’s own fear’….They both define the Warrior path as inside your own being.”  It takes Warrior spirit to meet the Warrior within you!

Expansion by Paige Bradley

Expansion by Paige Bradley

Here are some words to describe what I mean by “Heart Warrior”.

The Heart Warrior is fiercely devoted to living her/his unique truth and achieving her/his goals in a heart-centred way. 

The Heart Warrior stands with integrity, grace, humility and purpose. 

The Heart Warrior feels the world.

The Heart Warrior’s only weapon is Truth – naked, vulnerable, authentic, honest expression of her/his heart’s unique truth in the now.

The Heart Warrior remembers her/his sacred purpose and has the courage and humility to stand in her/his greatness.

The Heart Warrior rises with mighty compassion, kindness and forgiveness even in the face of adversity.

The Heart Warrior loves fearlessly, even after betrayal, abandonment and rejection.

The Heart Warrior has clear boundaries and a clear sense of right and wrong.

The Heart Warrior has the courage to look deeply into her/his shadows, fears and pain, and to truly own every aspect of her/his being and doing.

The Heart Warrior is alive to the joy of life and dares to experience the fullness of life.

The Heart Warrior reflects and learns with honesty and humility in the case of error.

The Heart Warrior knows when to persevere and when to surrender.

The Heart Warrior is awake to the guiding messages of the universe, and trusts fiercely the power of her/his heart to navigate turbulent times and to guide her/him to fulfil her/his sacred soul purpose. 

Carl Jung Shadow workwarriors are not born

How dare we even doubt our greatness and stand for anything less?

Right now, the world needs more truth, more compassion, more integrity, more humility, more fierce grace, more courage, more love, more connection, more understanding.

I am called at this time to fully embody the Heart Warrior that I am.  I call out to you to feel if this too is your time to become Heart Warrior. Join me in the practice of Awakening the Heart Warrior Within.

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Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Do you ever find yourself battling with yourself to keep resolutions or make those positive changes in your life? Do you get frustrated that despite your best efforts things just aren’t working out for you like you expected? Do you find yourself annoyed, frustrated, trying to push through, and filled with inner turmoil? Or do you give up on yourself and your resolutions, filled with excuses why it’s just not for you or who you are, and immerse yourself in the old self-defeating habits?

Come on You! You don’t deserve to treat yourself with such disdain, beating yourself up. You don’t deserve either to give up on yourself or your dreams! And it doesn’t have to be so hard!

In line with my single resolution of unconditional self-love, I know there is another way. I am talking about combining self-love and the path of least resistance.

flow of life-least-resistance

Become adventurer

Transforming, evolving, learning, growing, experiencing – this is our journey in life. All of the downs, the hold ups, the knock backs, the quiet times, the vague times and the procrastinating, feet-dragging times, don’t mean that we are evolving or growing any less. It all contributes to an innately enjoyable and fulfilling journey when you adopt the right attitude.

What if those hold ups are all part of the process needed to allow you to be in the right place at the right time?

Imagine this journey….

Imagine getting on a bus, discovering after a few kilometres that it was not the one you wanted to take, and spending the whole journey trying to stop the bus, turn it round, resisting every bump, complaining that it was not the bus you were supposed to be on, and going over all that you should have done. In the mean time, you will have missed the beautiful scenery. You will have missed meeting new people and having unexpected conversations. You will miss seeing how the new destination is maybe even better than the one you planned. And you will have wasted so much energy and added some grey hairs in the process!!

Discipline or surrender?

I certainly believe in clear goals, vision, discipline, focus, hard work and conscious manifesting to create the life we most desire. I also believe in surrender, letting go of control, relaxing, feeling, listening, opening, asking and trusting that perhaps there is another, even better way. (This is not the same as giving up.)

We need both. There are times when focus and hard work are called for, even working through challenges. Sometimes though pure surrender is needed. Overall we need the parallel approach, both in equal proportions.

For most of us surrender and trust are more difficult. We often push and pull and control and resist until finally we have no choice but to surrender. This is the case with burnout and other stress-related health problems when our body cries out “Stop”!

So what of this path of least resistance?

In all honesty this is not the path I have known best. I too have most frequently chosen the battlefields. Perhaps my desire for passion and adventure has me seeking the adrenaline rush and I mistake it for feeling more alive. I want to make things happen quicker, sooner, and to avoid all pain and suffering!

In truth it is scary to let go, to do less, to be patient and to trust, to wait for the invitation.

And yet, wow, it feels so good! It feels like a whole new way of being, like freedom, which in itself can feel destabilizing when you have been addicted to the stress and tension of the battlefields!

So what is this path of least resistance?

Imagine walking through a maze. All is going fine – you are focused on the end destination – freedom perhaps? But suddenly you hit dead-end after dead-end. You have to push through brambles. You come to door after door that is closed. It starts to be less fun this journey! But rather than panicking or angrily forcing through a closed door, you keep alert and radically present to the signs, you manage your energy, you get intrigued by the adventure, you laugh and enjoy noticing the flowers and birds, and you realize that in fact freedom has always been there, inside you. And then, naturally, with ease a door opens, and suddenly the way becomes clearer. Then another door opens and you are moving forward into new territory again, filled with awe and wonder. Feel how your energy can be maintained and channeled to good purpose in this way.

least resistance

The path of least resistance is….

The path of least resistance is one where you know what you want, you are clear on your big picture goals, on what you want to feel and be and become, but you are not attached it being the only way, nor to the how or the when. You are not set on the exact itinerary for your journey. You are open to the surprise.

You let the journey, life itself, be your guide and show you the ‘how’ in ways that you could not have known in advance. You let the universe work its serendipitous magic.

“Remember that you don’t know what you don’t know”

This is not the path of victimhood, giving up, not caring or leeching on to others. This is the path of true unconditional self-love; a path where you never lose your sense of purpose and worthiness. You honour and remember that you are here for good reason and this is being revealed to you. This is a path of trust, knowing that you are being guided, feeling and listening for the signs, so that the universe may unfold in your life and through you the absolute highest good that is seeking to manifest at any one time.

This is the path where you know to be ready to take inspired action, perhaps even courageous action, when the moment is presented, because you are ready (or at least the universe thinks you are!!)

On this path you are resourceful and economical with your energy. You are even filled up and nourished along the path by all that the journey has to offer you.

This is the path of following what truly feels good and nourishing to your body, heart and soul.

The key indicator is, “does it feel good, now?”

  1. Pause – Feel. Do you feel good?
  2. If not……Wait – Trust – Listen – Feel – Watch
  3. Stay focused – enjoy your longing, be clear on your goals, remember your purpose
  4. Wait – Trust – Listen – Feel – Watch
  5. When it feels good – move, take inspired, courageous action.

So maybe that longing to get up 15 minutes earlier to meditate every morning becomes available in a weeks time because this week you chose to love yourself by getting some deep peaceful sleep. Perhaps you find yourself with the opportunity to start going to bed earlier some nights because that feels really good and it starts to feel easier to get up in the mornings.

And maybe the hold ups and knock backs on you project are in fact giving you a much-needed breather, some space to reflect on your truth or to smooth out the details or an opportunity to meet a new partner who can add a whole new dimension to your work.

Pushing and shoving and resisting and raging in tantrum rarely do any good and certainly don’t feel good.

In what part of your life are you feeling the pains of resistance and fight? How about daring to try out the path of least resistance? How about daring to love yourself even more and follow what feels good when the going gets tough? 

With love. Take care of you because you are here for good reason.

Just One Resolution

I have just one resolution this new year. This is it:

“To love myself unconditionally.”

This covers it all for me. Yes, it is indeed the practice of a life time. In that case, I reckon, if it hasn’t been THE most important conscious priority of my life before now, then NOW is the time to make it Priority Number One!

The more I truly love and respect myself, the more I follow my heart, the more I radiate, the more I let love in, the more I can serve and the more I truly love and respect others from a place of natural ease, grace and compassion.

I love meTo love and respect myself means to accept all that I am, the light AND the shadow. Only by truly owning and loving these in myself will I learn to accept and love them in others.

To love and respect myself requires me to ensure that my thoughts, words and actions NOURISH and SERVE me and my highest good. This is key!

Have you ever really listened to your own internal silent dialogue? The stuff you tell yourself about who you are and who you are not, and especially about your body? Imagine speaking it out loud! Have you ever caught yourself diminishing yourself and what you can do to others? Someone gives you a compliment and you immediately respond with …”Oh no, I’m useless at that”, or “No no, I hate my body, I’m getting old”.

Unconditional Love, Fierce Love

You see to truly love yourself calls for UNCONDITIONAL love and respect. The kind that opens your heart wide-open. The kind of love that is rare and precious. You may be lucky enough to experience it in relation to another, perhaps a grandparent, your partner or your child. Can you offer that much love to yourself?

To love yourself means to remember, to know and to hold in honour your sacred goodness.

I’m going to repeat that because it is so utterly crucial. To love yourself is to hold in honour that at your core and in all your being you are GOOD. You are special. You are here for a reason. You are important. You are good, through and through.

To love yourself is to love the universe and all its creation, because you are part of that.

To love yourself means to be FIERCE in holding your Self in honour and respect. Anyone that dares to dishonour your sacred heart takes the risk of meeting your fierce, protective fire! Just like the protective mama grizzly bear – no-one messes with her!!

To love yourself means letting go of those thoughts, words and things you do that do not serve and nourish you.

Self-love reflection:

  1. Write down over the next few days a list of the thoughts, the things you regularly say, the things you do, the places you go and the people you see that DO NOT serve or nourish you or hold in honour your highest Self. Do this first and before even starting list number 2. 
  2. Write a list of those things (thoughts, words, actions, people etc) that do NOURISH and SERVE you and your sacred heart.
  3. Make a commitment to let go of those things in list 1 and REPLACE them with those in list 2.
  4. Start thinking, speaking and acting out of fierce, unconditional Self-love. 

Take back your power

As you love yourself you take back your POWER to manifest the life you most desire. You take back your energy so that you may focus and direct it to the people and projects that matter most to you. You take responsibility for your heart and happiness and at the same time you GLOW and radiate and exude an energy that is incredibly attractive, inspiring and empowering for everyone you meet. As such you are actually doing them a great service.

Shine bright – a daily practice:

Here is a little daily practice that helps me to remember to nourish myself.

Imagine a bright, golden, sparkly light surrounding you. This light dims and dulls when you spend time in and being ruled by your head, when you worry, when you make yourself small, when you let your energy get depleted by doing things that you think you should do, and when you have thoughts, words and actions that do not serve and nourish you.

However, with each little thought, word or act of self-love and self-nourishment, aligned with your heart and your innate goodness, this sparkling golden ball of light surrounds you and grows bigger and brighter, touching everyone you encounter and everything you do.

Breathe deeply, smile from within, love yourself and let your light shine!

Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark

And here are some of my favourite practices of self-love:

  • each morning a meditation practice on my innate goodness.
  • each night before I sleep, remembering what I am grateful for, forgiving myself when I forget or diminish my light, and celebrating my Self and my achievements.
  • my green protein breakfast smoothie.
  • a hot bath with a candle in silence.
  • a deep healing massage.
  • free expressive movement, dance and sound.
  • restorative yoga and practicing nothingness.
  • accepting compliments.
  • day-dreaming and visioning.
  • smiling.
  • immersion in nature.
  • asking for hugs and letting in the love.
  • drinking lots of fresh water.
  • a games night and a good laugh with friends.

So what are your daily practices of self-love?

To love yourself is not to be selfish.

To love yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

Take care of You because You are here for good reason!
With love x Georgina 

It’s not enough to meditate. We need face-to-face heart-centred group practice.

I may rustle a few feathers with this!

It is not enough to focus on an individual practice of personal and spiritual development alone! We need to also practice opening our hearts, listening to, following and communicating from our hearts in relationship to others.

We can only evolve from a disconnected, heady, materialistic, individuated society to a connected, heart-centred, compassionate, abundant community when we actually are that in relation to each other, face-to-face in real life!

We can only shift from a state of half-awake (half-trapped) satisfaction to a state of expansive, joyful, vibrant aliveness if we feel free to be fully ourselves in life, in relation to and while being witnessed by others.

stand out in circle

Your presence, simply being you and expressing your true self in the now is absolutely enough, and so the practice is not being and becoming that alone, but it is being and becoming that in the presence and with the support of others, in the messiness of life, in the face of apathy, abandon, adversity or applause.

We rarely learn or practice this at school, at home, in the workplace or in our individual practice. Therefore, we need to start practicing this together so that we can start to shift gear from just sharing inspiring quotes on facebook, to actually connecting through real, heart-inspired words and action face-to-face!

The limitations of individual practice

I imagine you are someone who has been interested in your own personal growth and development for some time. Perhaps you have a regular personal practice like yoga, meditation, Qi Gong or tapping (EFT). You look after your body through exercise, massage and healthy food. You believe in the law of attraction and you are taking responsibility for your life, your health and your happiness. You are basically doing your best to be and become the best version of You and to enjoy life. I love this about you!

Most personal and spiritual development practices focus on You, knowing your Self and connecting to your own divinity…… alone (at least at first). You need to know and love yourself before you can truly love another. If someone triggers you, you can work more on you, etc.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Indeed I believe strongly that we still need more emphasis on personal responsibility. My own journey with yoga, bodywork, shamanism, stalking nature, astrology, the law of attraction, human design and so forth, is hugely enriching and essential for me, every day. It brings me energy, safety, peace, joy, clarity and dare I say, inspired wisdom! I admit that this is also more my comfort zone.

This kind of personal practice is, however, solely vertical. You connect to your body, your energy, your emotions and ultimately your higher Self or a sense of oneness with all. The risk therefore is that we check-out or reject the human level or parts of it to avoid pain, hurt and the messiness of being human – this is the “spiritual by-pass”. I know this one. I have definitely gone for the spiritual by-pass at times!

A true yoga practice, one that really follows the ancient yogic philosophy, brings yoga off the mat and into life. Yoga, and in particular the Tantra lineage, is in fact the art of living and embodying our divinity. The Yamas and Niyamas (which I have written lots about in the past) are all about being true and authentic in relation to self, first, and then others. But it is not enough for these to be known concepts, they must be practiced…… with others!

Trapped in a boxWithout a conscious practice with others you will likely at some point feel like you are stuck, that there is still something holding you back, that your relationships are not thriving, that abundance is not flowing, that there are too many downs, triggers and difficult emotions, and that your joy is limited.

Sound familiar? So what solution?

We need to complement our individual practices with conscious group practice; that is to complement our vertical practice with a horizontal practice.

We are not islands. We cannot do this alone. We are communal beings and conscious community is the path to massive transformation and accelerated awakening!

Why we need others to move toward our personal joy

The primary goal of life is to enjoy it, to experience it, to feel vibrantly joyfully alive. Simple, right?! So what holds us back?

You and I know that it is an illusion to seek joy outside of ourselves, through others, through doing or acquiring material things. But even when we turn to find the joy within, we get tripped up. We might blame our thoughts, our limiting beliefs, unconscious conditioning etc.

The root cause is actually something that we all have. It’s called core unworthiness.

As you reach for your joy you confront the part of yourself that feels unworthy to let all that joy in. You feel unworthy to show up that bright, that great, that successful, that much loved, and that happy. Thus you hold back and limit your joy, freedom and expansion, consciously or unconsciously with all sorts of clever strategies.

Your core unworthiness is created at a very young age. No baby or very young child seeks to hurt, wound or traumatise itself intentionally. The primary disconnect from your light, your innate goodness and greatness happened due to experiences with others, when you were made wrong or lesser, or you were hurt, abandoned, betrayed, rejected or violated, whether that was intentional or not, whether your interpretation was correct or not. It may have been in relation to your parents, siblings, schoolmates, teachers, religious figures, and so forth.

Since others were involved in your disconnection, others are critical to your reconnection.

It is so easy to get caught up in trying to hide or fix or remove your core unworthiness, or to focus on the past, and this is where we usually get stuck in ‘old school’ personal development and in an individual practice. It is not possible or even desirable to fix or get rid of it.

Here lies the power of group because these shadows will come up for you the more you dare to claim your joy, witnessed by others, just as you are in life. The key is to become aware of your core unworthiness as it comes to the surface and work through it, in the presence of and with the support of others. You then create new positive, healthy experiences and memories for your mind and body in relation to others, and you get to consciously choose your path in life, no longer controlled by the limiting beliefs. And yes, this becomes a practice, for the rest of your life!

Walk your truth

Many people shy away from group because it feels scary. I keep hearing things like, “I am not ready for group work. I need to do some more work on myself!” But of course you can’t get ready for group work alone!! It is in group that you learn to navigate group dynamics, just like it is in life that you learn to live. It’s just not possible to work with these type of shadows and feelings of core unworthiness alone – you will stay stuck with them until they can be seen, claimed, loved and digested.

As we focus on our joy and learn to use the group to overcome fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, we can harness the power of the collective to literally propel us toward our joy and our fullness. As Christian Pankhurst, the founder of the Heart IQ™ Method says, “it is like flying to Beijing instead of walking to Beijing,” the difference is that big to doing this alone.

After spending hundreds of hours this past year in heart-centred group practice, to complement my personal practices, I can say that I have no doubt whatsoever that we need each other to come into our joy and our greatness. I am blown away at the power of circle every single time and how this practice helps me to expand my awareness of myself and my true nature so that I can experience more freedom, joy and connection.

Whether you believe we are human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience, we need to combine the two, and celebrate both! At this meeting point we reveal charisma and depth; authenticity and empathy; embodiment and stillness; wisdom and creativity; safety and belonging; love and JOY!

Group practice

Join me for heart-centred group practice!!

To find out more about opportunities for heart-centred group practice with me, check out my calendar of workshops, retreats and community gatherings – The Path of the Heart Warrior. 


In sharing this post I would like to acknowledge Christian Pankhurst for the inspiration, mentoring and training on joy and group practice through the Heart IQ™ Method.