An exploration of happiness!

This blog is an exploration about being happy, profoundly happy, on the inside, and sharing it with the world. The world needs it!!

The most important responsibilities that we have in this life, I believe, are to be ourselves and to discover and follow our life’s purpose.  When we live in this way we begin to reveal an innate state of happiness and let our true potential shine out. This gives others the right and inspiration to do the same. And the world needs every one of us to be out there living and sharing our full potential.

Imagine a world where everyone holds a deep sense of self-love and worthiness; is content in being himself or herself; and feels empowered to follow his or her path through life. Imagine a world where people no longer act and react from a place of fear and inequity. Imagine a world of happy people!

And when I say ‘happy’, I don’t mean that everyone will be going around with a constant smile on their faces, never again experiencing pain and loss, or feeling sad, angry or afraid. No! I do have a hypothesis though, that we can experience life’s changing circumstances and feel all human emotions intensely and yet still have a sense of deep-seated happiness that prevails. This blog is a means to test and explore this idea.

Well thanks for reading. I hope you will join me in this exploration and share your own  experiences.

Be Bright!

Georgina Peard

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