Resolutions for 2014? Are you for or against?

I am one of those people who unashamedly loves making resolutions, dreaming about possibilities and imagining the year ahead. Why?

Because of how it makes me FEEL!

I am filled with hope, inspired by possibility, and excited by limitless potential. As I dream, for just a moment, the fear and doubt don’t exist. The ‘how’ doesn’t matter. I am filled with happy hormones!

This is about focusing on what I feel, what I want to feel, and what my heart longs for. It’s like starting fresh, taking a new perspective on myself and my life, and daring to dream that all is possible when I am in my true power.

The New Year holds particular meaning for creating intention but really every day, every moment and every breath offers the same opportunity.


Focus on what you want to feel, not on how to get it

Last year, my mentor made me aware of Kevin Trudeau’s “Your Wish is Your Command” CD series. It highlighted for me the importance of (i) feeling good right now in order to channel positive energy and thoughts, (ii) focusing my efforts on what I want to have, feel or do as the most critical influencing factor in manifesting my dreams, and (iii) connecting to the idea or feeling of what I want as much as possible.

Based on an understanding that “we don’t know what we don’t know”, and that most indices are off our ‘radar screen’ or current awareness, it is pointless to overly focus on HOW to manifest our dreams. We simply don’t yet know what is possible or what opportunities will arise tomorrow. Over-planning and controlling, in fact, can result in limiting our potential.

I might put all my hope, for example, into a relationship (business or intimate) with one specific person simply because he is on my ‘radar screen’, he is in front of me and seems perfect. But in fact it would be better to focus on what I want to feel in a relationship since I may not yet even know the right person who may be just around the corner! I have no idea what experience I will have tomorrow that could alter my perspective.

Ok, so here goes for my heart’s longing….

In 2014 I long to experience more love, to laugh and have fun, to feel free, connected to others, supported, and vibrantly alive, to make a difference and to fearlessly follow my heart.  

Connecting to the heart

Last year I was struck by how quickly I could manifest certain dreams and desires when they were from the heart. Most often they came in a form that I could not have imagined myself. Through my practice and training with Christian Pankhurst in Heart Intelligence, I have also discovered just how challenging it is to unravel the layers of conditioning, ‘head-strong’ programming and defence mechanisms that I/we hold and to get clear on what we really want. It’s about getting rid of the habitual “I need to”, “I should”, “I have to”, and replacing them all with “I want to….”

Getting clear on your heart’s true longing often requires assistance from others who can feel into your truth as you express it (the bull shit monitor!). Your truth always feels ‘juicy’ and real. Again the key here is how it FEELS. Something moves or resonates within my body as I connect to my heart’s true longing. My eyes light up, my body relaxes, my heart opens and I instantly feel better. I feel emotional.

7 tips to meaningful resolutions 

So here are my tips on making resolutions that really come from the heart:

  1. Get into your body.  Free your body and mind of tension. Perhaps dancing, yoga, going for a run, stomping your feet or shaking the body, making sound or a massage can help. You may need to do something active first if your energy is high, and give yourself at least 15 minutes to move into your interior world.
  2. Now slow right down and relax, through slow movement and breathing, gradually moving to stillness, sitting in a chair or on the floor.
  3. Write down the answers to these questions on paper:
    1. What am I feeling in relation to my life right now? This might include what you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and intuitively. Get present and be totally honest, even if you feel numb. Don’t get into any stories!
    2. What do I long to feel in my life in relation to: (i) My health?  (ii) My relationship(s)? (iii) My work?  (iv) ….?
    3. How do I want to show up in the world this year? How does this feel? What does it look like? (Tip: you can change this to this week or today or even this moment as a regular practice.)
  4. Tune-in regularly as you ask these questions to how you are feeling in your body. Try to drop down into your heart rather than searching for the answers in your head. Ask the question and wait, let the answer come to you as you feel into it.
  5. As you notice any doubts and fears sneaking in during or after this process, try saying the following: “Ok I acknowledge that fear and limiting belief but right now I choose not to believe it.”
  6. Keep these answers somewhere safe, perhaps in your ‘dream book’, and look at them regularly. Don’t worry for now about the ‘how’ – just keep focusing on these feelings and let yourself be totally immersed in how it looks and feels to follow your heart’s longing. Permit yourself to be content in the longing.
  7. Ask a close friend (emotionally intelligent ideally) to listen as you express your heart’s longing. Their role is to FEEL and share with you what moves for them as you express yourself. They must not judge or give advice or criticism. Their sole purpose is to give their spontaneous response in terms of what moves for them. To be heard expressing your heart’s desire can be very powerful!!!

Let me know how you get on, if this is useful and share your intentions and heart’s desires for 2014 below. What other techniques do you use to connect to your hearts’ longing?

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