A Calling Home – the ultimate purpose in life

What if our ultimate purpose in life is to experience ourselves, to know ourselves, to come home to ourselves? What if each moment, each encounter, each circumstance in our lives is there to guide us home? What if the purpose of life is to enjoy it, to enjoy this never-ending enlightening process?!

Would you live life differently? How would you show up today? How would you experience your breath, your body, and your food? Would you experience and express your emotions differently? How would you be with the next stranger you meet, with your family, your lover? How would you deal with the next challenge? What would you do with your time, your gifts, your passions, and your dreams?

Georgina Peard by Buzzmedia.chMe, I choose to dance with life, to let life move through me and to be open to explore my unique expression. I choose to find ways and places and people with whom I can open and share my heart. I choose to seek out and dare to share and live my truth in each moment. I choose to love and let love in.

I choose to see and own my fear, my judgements, my envy, my anger, my sadness, my hidden shadows, my mistakes and all the ways I close my heart in fear of not being met or accepted or loved. I choose to show up, real, authentic, and vulnerable. And I choose to see you, to hear you, to feel you, to dance with you and to learn from you.

And when I don’t, when I am disconnected, resistant, distant and cold, I choose not to wrong myself but to be honest and gentle in that disconnect, to love myself there, to learn, to grow, and to commit again to opening my heart. I want to feel that I am doing the best I can.

I choose to be guided by life as it manifests in and through me as a means to know and experience myself.

Why? I choose this because I long to come home. I long to be free and vibrantly alive. I long to be all that I am. I long to be met, to be seen, and to be loved as me. And I long to share my experiences of life in meaningful and joyful ways.

Georgina Peard by Buzzmedia.ch

7 thoughts on “A Calling Home – the ultimate purpose in life

    • Ah, so great to hear from you KJ! Thanks for your comments. Really glad these thoughts are resonating. Its having such a big impact for me, integrating this into my daily life. I hope you are enjoying the experience in the Holy City. Much love x

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