Let’s get Real – Heart intelligent, authentic living

Little kids are so spontaneous in expressing what moves in them in real time. It shifts from laughter, to sadness, to fear, to anger, to compassion, to elation. Love and energy is free flowing and abundant. We love it in children and it opens our hearts.

I say it doesn’t have to be so different when we grow up. Let’s get real. Let’s remember how to be heart intelligent and join the authenticity revolution!!

Jeff Brown inspired me with these words on facebook recently,

« Authenticity is not just a word. It’s not just a trendy concept. It’s not just a way to sell product. It’s a heartcore path. It’s a perilous journey. It’s a way of being that is not influenced by political considerations, not concerned with how it will be judged, not souling itself out for the mighty dollar. An authentic being bows down before nothing untrue. She owns her truth no matter the consequences. He is inspired from the inside out. She drowns other’s masks in her wake. It’s time to reclaim the word ‘authentic’, before it becomes as disingenuous and commercialized as the word ‘enlightened’. It ain’t authentic unless its nakedly true. »

A heartcore path

Yes ! This is a ‘heartcore path’. I call it heart intelligence. To open and listen and follow and communicate from our hearts is a practice and a choice in each and every moment, for the rest of our lives. For me, it is essential to my wellness. When I open authentically, life energy moves more freely. If I am not true to myself and expressing my truth, my body soon lets me know through tiredness, tension, anxiety or illness. I feel stuck and numb.

Nakedly true, now

To be authentic is about being ‘nakedly true’, with joyful abandon and unapologetic freedom. It reveals itself as we claim the strength of our vulnerability, take responsibility for what we experience, learn to love all of who we are and own our innate goodness.

It doesn’t mean we need to be profound and emotional all the time. It doesn’t mean we need to be open and wise and have it together all the time. It’s certainly not about being nice. It has nothing to do with being zen and at peace with all. There is no ‘all the time’. There is no should, must or ought to be. It simply means to be real and genuine with what is true for you now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Now. And to own it as your own.

I'll show you mine if you show me yoursWhat holds us back ?

To dare to look inwards and reveal our truth is the path to joyful awakening. Many of us fear it though, as though deep within there are hidden dark secrets and scary shadows that, if expressed, would make us shameful, unloveable monsters. If we were to fully express all that is within we would hurt others and thus ourselves. We may lose ourselves in the flood of overwhelming emotion. Instead, we lock the door, throw away the key and even forget that door exists. We choose to be what appears worthy and acceptable and loveable.

Those closed doors actually limit us coming into the expression of our fullness. They limit our potential intimacy, charisma, attractiveness and joy. They can affect our health.

The light withinI’ll bet you though if you actually shine some light into those dark corners, you will find that they are not so scary and unloveable after all. They do not define you. Perhaps there are things you’ve done or said or held on to with shame for years, but can you
accept that you did what you could at the time ? Can you see that the judgement may be coming from conditioning ? Can you see that you don’t always act on your judgements and dark thoughts even though they pass through your mind ? Can you see that they are only one small part of you and do not define you ?

Can even a tiny part of you realise that you are innately good, through and through ?

She owns her truth. He is inspired from the inside out.

The way to truly know and embody this truth, to expand into our fullness (shadows, warts and all) and start to disarm our walls of protection, is to share authentically with others and be met with open-hearted authenticity in return. We can practice this in safe, heart intelligent environments. We can be witnessed in our authentic joy and anger and sadness and shame and power.

It is essential that as adults we learn to own our stuff and take responsibility for what is moving in us. Its not a question of haphazardly projecting out everything that passes through our minds without reflection on how it might land with others or blaming it on our past traumas. As we take a deeper look within we can start to get real with ourselves. We can begin to find strength in our shadows. We can learn self-love. We can be grateful for how others trigger us. We can be inspired both from the inside out, as well as by the reflection of ourselves we see in others.

And little by little the energy flows again. Our life force can move freely. Abundant joy can arise as we experience and witness life moving through us. We may not have clarity on what is moving us at all times, but we can be light and joyful and at ease with where we are, especially in our depths. We can laugh at our craziness.

Let’s get real about what is real! And let’s enjoy the ride, together !

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