I have a vision…

I have a vision I would like to share with you. It involves coming together to be and share the joyful expressions of life that we truly are.

First let me share more about what I mean by joy.

I believe that to connect to our intrinsic joy is to feel alive. To feel alive is to feel what is real in our physical bodies, our emotions and our energy in any given moment. The key word here being to FEEL whatever is moving in us, whether that be happiness, sadness, anger, numbness, disconnect, love, vibration, tension etc.

For me, to be joyfully and vibrantly alive is to be a real and full expression of ourselves, to embody and follow our truth and our longing. It is to connect authentically and intimately with others; to let love in. It is to connect to a sense of something greater than ourselves, to take inspired action and to surrender in absolute trust. It is to own all of ourselves, the light and the dark, without making any part of ourselves wrong.

To be joyfully alive is not the same as feeling happy all the time. It is not dependent on any particular emotion or situation. It is the practice of opening our hearts and a choice we make in each moment.

My vision involves creating a space where we practice opening our hearts so that we may come home to ourselves and to each other.

We are social beings. We are spiritual beings. We are complex, energetic and intelligent beings. As we open to life, the greater and the more joyful our awareness of interconnectedness, through our body, energy and emotions, through Spirit, other people and nature.

My vision is simply a reflection of life in its natural state of expression. It draws on my experience in the Heart IQ Network, my conversations with students, clients and friends, and my own life and longing. The more I open my heart and let energy and life move me, the more energy and life bubbles and fires up inside me, and the more I long to be in authentic community, to love, dance, sing, express, share, and connect. All around me, in our disconnected world, I am hearing about people’s longing for connection.

This is a vision of…..

A vibrant place, a welcoming place, a joyful place,
…a place that invites you to come home to yourself,
…a place to come home to supportive and joyful community,
…a place to authentically share the experiences and expressions of life.

A place where there’s no need to be right, only the desire to be real,
…where being me is fine, and being you is fine too,
…where no-one is trying to fix you, or advise you, or change you,
…where open hearts generate acceptance, compassion and self-love.

A place where people coming together remember that all is connected,
…where I am reminded that you are me, cleverly disguised as you,
…where your awakening is my awakening,
…where our diversity inspires us and connects us.

A place where individuals are seen, felt and heard,
…where each person is empowered to claim their fullness,
…where each one’s greatness is celebrated,
…where we remember who we are and how life can be.

A place for us to open, explore, grow, share, play, sing, dance, laugh, cry, love, and BE alive!

Elaneha Expressions Community

A vision becoming real
For many years now I have had this vision developing in my heart and mind. Little by little the universe is gifting me with clarity and practical means to make it real.

In June 2013, I asked the universe for one place where I could teach yoga, massage, facilitate small group work and create community. Two weeks later I was invited to take over the yoga programme at Elaneha, with a therapy room becoming available and a great space to host small groups and events!

In August 2013, I experienced for the first time Heart IQ circle work and the heart intelligent community created by Christian Pankhurst. This work has literally blown my mind and heart open, helped me embody my truth, clarified my vision and allowed me to experience the power of authentic community. Since then I have trained with Christian to lead this work and on the 27th April, 2014, I host the first Heart IQ practice day at Elaneha.

More pieces came together in conversations, dreams and shamanic journeys. Many more people inspired me and encouraged me. The longing, my own and others, has continued to grow stronger. More than a longing, the need to connect!

In January 2014 I wrote down and shared my vision with Brigitte, the owner of Elaneha. Hearts and visions connected. The result is Elaneha Expressions, the physical manifestation of this vision in the making.

ElanehaElaneha Expressions
At Elaneha, in Rolle, Switzerland, we will host regular community gatherings and events, Expressions of Joyful Living. These events propose to co-create safe space for people to be present and real with themselves and others; inspire and add value to people’s lives; create heart-centred, soulful community through authentic, joyful connection; and to celebrate life.

Events will be led by inspired holistic practitioners, scientists, artists, and anyone who wants and can share a meaningful experience around: Dance • Song • Music • Movement • Breath • Meditation • Story telling • Inspiration • Creativity • Nature • Spirituality • Love & Intimacy • Personal Development • Nutrition • and more as we co-create.

An invitation
So here it is – a vision and an invitation. This vision is an open sketch that requires colours and form. I invite those of you living nearby in Switzerland to join me and the team at Elaneha in co-creating this vision in ways that feel heart-centred, joyful and true for you.

The purpose of life I believe is to enjoy it, to experience ourselves. So hey, let’s dance, together!

You can get involved, propose events and find details of upcoming events at www.meetup.com/elaneha-expressions-rolle

Heart in hand


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