A life guided by heart intelligence – introducing Heart IQ in my work

I write to you today just before leaving to a 7-day intensive Heart IQ training in Advanced Large Group Facilitation in Holland with Christian Pankhurst. As many of you know, I have literally spent hundreds of hours in circle over the past year, both for my own personal development and in professional training as a Heart IQ coach. This has been the most profound and transformational year of my life. I feel changed. I am more me and more of me! And there is so much more!

Many people around me are witnessing the change and my passion for circle work but wondering what on earth it is all about. Now this is no easy task! Last weekend I ran my fifth Heart IQ circle here in Rolle and every time I ask the participants how they would describe the experience they say something like – “ah no, it’s impossible, it’s just not like anything you’ve ever experienced or witnessed before!!” Indeed, that is true. We call it going to Narnia!

You see heart intelligence can be natural and available to all of us but it is not so common that we actually experience heart intelligent relationships, work environments or decision-making! Few of us dare to really follow our hearts. We are very well trained in using our minds and this becomes the default. So much so that to tap into our heart intelligence and interact with people in this way can feel totally alien or way too vulnerable at first.

Yet at the same time this is what it feels like to truly come home! With a little practice we remember and it feels sooooo good! As we practice together and, more importantly in our everyday life, any bound energy (tension, suppressed emotions, holding back) gets released and we feel the natural high of life force energy circulating, a sense of inner freedom and an authentic connection to others.

home is where the heart is

It is crystal clear to me now what my purpose is, what drives me and what I stand for. I have discovered and continue to discover parts of me that I was completely unaware of and as a result I can start accessing more innate power to be and become all of me and create the life I want. I have been held and witnessed and loved in my vulnerability, in my shadows and in my light, and this is giving me the confidence to show up just as I am in life. In witnessing others dare to be themselves and step into their fullness I am inspired to open my heart and live life fully. I trust that life is guiding me. And above all, this journey has connected me to an amazing bunch of heartful, soulful, radically authentic people, a platform from which I feel I can open my wings and fly!


To follow your heart is not a luxury or a daydream but rather it is to be guided to live out your soul purpose.

This is accessible to all of us. I like to see it as a practice and commitment to yourself. And you are worth it!!

I believe that it takes the spirit of a warrior to dare to follow your heart in our world. There is much to hold us back from doing it. It takes courage, strength of heart, clear boundaries, perseverance, as well as vulnerability, humility, honesty and surrender. We also need a tribe of like-hearted warriors for support. I call us Heart Warriors.

As the first certified Heart IQ Coach in Suisse Romande, I am excited to bring heart intelligence into my work in many ways and in particular complement the more personal or individual heart-centred practices of yoga, meditation and one-to-one bodywork, with the group practice of Heart Circle. As a very independent and self-sufficient person, only one year ago I would have found this hard to say, but it is crystal clear to me now – we need each other to come into our greatness!

So on this Path of the Heart Warrior, there are a bunch of great ways for us to come together, tune in to our inner wisdom, awaken the heart warrior within, and raise our vibrations in the coming weeks and months. Here are some of my offerings:

Please check out all the details and dates of upcoming events on my website! I hope to see you soon 🙂 

And here is a video I just published talking further about what I do and why I am so passionate about it!! I’d love to hear from you if this resonates with you!


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