Just One Resolution

I have just one resolution this new year. This is it:

“To love myself unconditionally.”

This covers it all for me. Yes, it is indeed the practice of a life time. In that case, I reckon, if it hasn’t been THE most important conscious priority of my life before now, then NOW is the time to make it Priority Number One!

The more I truly love and respect myself, the more I follow my heart, the more I radiate, the more I let love in, the more I can serve and the more I truly love and respect others from a place of natural ease, grace and compassion.

I love meTo love and respect myself means to accept all that I am, the light AND the shadow. Only by truly owning and loving these in myself will I learn to accept and love them in others.

To love and respect myself requires me to ensure that my thoughts, words and actions NOURISH and SERVE me and my highest good. This is key!

Have you ever really listened to your own internal silent dialogue? The stuff you tell yourself about who you are and who you are not, and especially about your body? Imagine speaking it out loud! Have you ever caught yourself diminishing yourself and what you can do to others? Someone gives you a compliment and you immediately respond with …”Oh no, I’m useless at that”, or “No no, I hate my body, I’m getting old”.

Unconditional Love, Fierce Love

You see to truly love yourself calls for UNCONDITIONAL love and respect. The kind that opens your heart wide-open. The kind of love that is rare and precious. You may be lucky enough to experience it in relation to another, perhaps a grandparent, your partner or your child. Can you offer that much love to yourself?

To love yourself means to remember, to know and to hold in honour your sacred goodness.

I’m going to repeat that because it is so utterly crucial. To love yourself is to hold in honour that at your core and in all your being you are GOOD. You are special. You are here for a reason. You are important. You are good, through and through.

To love yourself is to love the universe and all its creation, because you are part of that.

To love yourself means to be FIERCE in holding your Self in honour and respect. Anyone that dares to dishonour your sacred heart takes the risk of meeting your fierce, protective fire! Just like the protective mama grizzly bear – no-one messes with her!!

To love yourself means letting go of those thoughts, words and things you do that do not serve and nourish you.

Self-love reflection:

  1. Write down over the next few days a list of the thoughts, the things you regularly say, the things you do, the places you go and the people you see that DO NOT serve or nourish you or hold in honour your highest Self. Do this first and before even starting list number 2. 
  2. Write a list of those things (thoughts, words, actions, people etc) that do NOURISH and SERVE you and your sacred heart.
  3. Make a commitment to let go of those things in list 1 and REPLACE them with those in list 2.
  4. Start thinking, speaking and acting out of fierce, unconditional Self-love. 

Take back your power

As you love yourself you take back your POWER to manifest the life you most desire. You take back your energy so that you may focus and direct it to the people and projects that matter most to you. You take responsibility for your heart and happiness and at the same time you GLOW and radiate and exude an energy that is incredibly attractive, inspiring and empowering for everyone you meet. As such you are actually doing them a great service.

Shine bright – a daily practice:

Here is a little daily practice that helps me to remember to nourish myself.

Imagine a bright, golden, sparkly light surrounding you. This light dims and dulls when you spend time in and being ruled by your head, when you worry, when you make yourself small, when you let your energy get depleted by doing things that you think you should do, and when you have thoughts, words and actions that do not serve and nourish you.

However, with each little thought, word or act of self-love and self-nourishment, aligned with your heart and your innate goodness, this sparkling golden ball of light surrounds you and grows bigger and brighter, touching everyone you encounter and everything you do.

Breathe deeply, smile from within, love yourself and let your light shine!

Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark

And here are some of my favourite practices of self-love:

  • each morning a meditation practice on my innate goodness.
  • each night before I sleep, remembering what I am grateful for, forgiving myself when I forget or diminish my light, and celebrating my Self and my achievements.
  • my green protein breakfast smoothie.
  • a hot bath with a candle in silence.
  • a deep healing massage.
  • free expressive movement, dance and sound.
  • restorative yoga and practicing nothingness.
  • accepting compliments.
  • day-dreaming and visioning.
  • smiling.
  • immersion in nature.
  • asking for hugs and letting in the love.
  • drinking lots of fresh water.
  • a games night and a good laugh with friends.

So what are your daily practices of self-love?

To love yourself is not to be selfish.

To love yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

Take care of You because You are here for good reason!
With love x Georgina 

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