The Heart Warrior

I believe the true path to health and happiness is to listen to and courageously follow your heart. I also strongly believe that following your heart is not a fanciful luxury but a guiding force to fulfilling your unique purpose in life.

However, it takes Warrior spirit to truly follow your heart.

In his book Warriors of the Heart, Danaan Parry notes that “The Buddhist  tradition defines the Warrior as ‘one who has the courage to know oneself.’….The Tibetan definition of a ‘warrior’ is ‘one who faces one’s own fear’….They both define the Warrior path as inside your own being.”  It takes Warrior spirit to meet the Warrior within you!

Expansion by Paige Bradley

Expansion by Paige Bradley

Here are some words to describe what I mean by “Heart Warrior”.

The Heart Warrior is fiercely devoted to living her/his unique truth and achieving her/his goals in a heart-centred way. 

The Heart Warrior stands with integrity, grace, humility and purpose. 

The Heart Warrior feels the world.

The Heart Warrior’s only weapon is Truth – naked, vulnerable, authentic, honest expression of her/his heart’s unique truth in the now.

The Heart Warrior remembers her/his sacred purpose and has the courage and humility to stand in her/his greatness.

The Heart Warrior rises with mighty compassion, kindness and forgiveness even in the face of adversity.

The Heart Warrior loves fearlessly, even after betrayal, abandonment and rejection.

The Heart Warrior has clear boundaries and a clear sense of right and wrong.

The Heart Warrior has the courage to look deeply into her/his shadows, fears and pain, and to truly own every aspect of her/his being and doing.

The Heart Warrior is alive to the joy of life and dares to experience the fullness of life.

The Heart Warrior reflects and learns with honesty and humility in the case of error.

The Heart Warrior knows when to persevere and when to surrender.

The Heart Warrior is awake to the guiding messages of the universe, and trusts fiercely the power of her/his heart to navigate turbulent times and to guide her/him to fulfil her/his sacred soul purpose. 

Carl Jung Shadow workwarriors are not born

How dare we even doubt our greatness and stand for anything less?

Right now, the world needs more truth, more compassion, more integrity, more humility, more fierce grace, more courage, more love, more connection, more understanding.

I am called at this time to fully embody the Heart Warrior that I am.  I call out to you to feel if this too is your time to become Heart Warrior. Join me in the practice of Awakening the Heart Warrior Within.

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