Ask yourself these questions for a more gentle transition this Autumn

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you’ve really enjoyed these glorious summer months. For the first time in years I offered myself a whole month off to rest and recharge, as well as expand and grow. What a treat! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’d like to let you know now about what’s coming up this Autumn. Lots of offerings: Retreats, Heart Circles, Yoga, Massage, Shamanic Gatherings…. You can see my full calendar here.

Since I last wrote (which was a while ago!) I’ve been on a powerful personal and professional development journey, training in relationship and couples coaching, shamanic healing, self-empowerment and emotional release tools, yoga nidra, tantra and sacred temple arts. It is such a privilege (and a challenge sometimes too) to explore and expand into new realms of myself, increasing my vibrations, in order to keep sharing these experiences and tools with you for your own transformational journeys.

Rest and Recharge. Expand and Grow. 

These seem to me to be essential ingredients for a joyful, fulfilled life, and a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We all need the down time. Quiet space to let our minds rest and bodies restore. To be still and listen. Switching off computers, phones and agendas. Tuning in to nature, our bodies, hearts and intuition. In resting and loving ourselves we call back our power.

From this place we can access a more authentic and sustainable form of energy – our creative life-force energy. We take responsibility for creating our lives and make self-empowered, conscious decisions that serve and nourish us. From here we can expand and grow.

Is this not essential to your happiness and well-being? Is this not essential to you being the best version of you in relationships, as a mother, lover, husband, manager, friend….. as a human?!

Ask yourself these questions
As we transition from summer to autumn, I encourage you to ask yourself:

  • what do I need to nourish myself on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
  • what allows me to feel vibrantly alive?
  • am I creating enough space for that?

I’ve noticed how important it is for me to regularly retreat and have what I call ‘creative space’. Every month I schedule one 3-4 day weekend to retreat. They are blocked in my diary already every month until the end of the year. Time to switch off digitally, turn my attention inwards as well as listen to the larger universe. I promise its better for you that I do this!! 🙂

Rest to Rise Retreat, 8 – 11 October 2015

Early Bird price ends 8 September!!

This Autumn I’m offering my signature “Rest to Rise” Retreat two times. 8 – 11 October in English, and 12 – 15 November in French. Immersed in rural life at the beautiful Les Serans in the French Jura, we spend 3.5 days resting and relaxing through:

  • restorative yoga
  • yoga nidra
  • breathing
  • meditation
  • stalking awareness in nature
  • and massage!

I’m delighted to say that Alexandre Pepe, an ayurvedic therapist and energy healer in Geneva, will join me again this time to offer the massages. He brings a beautiful energy to the weekend and enjoys sharing his experiences on wellness and conscious living with a sense of humour.

There are only 10 places per retreat and filling up! Please do join us. Give yourself the essential gift of self-love, rest and space this Autumn!

I look forward to seeing you very soon.
With love, à tout bientôt,
Georgina xxx

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