The time to work on ourselves is over

One of the ways we often stumble on the path of awakening is that we get a little consumed in ‘working’ on ourselves, improving ourselves, and ‘processing’ life.

With this personal and spiritual development focus, we sometimes forget that there is nothing to fix or eliminate in us. There is nothing broken or wrong in the first place!

In our desire to become a ‘better’ person, we can tire ourselves out and beat ourselves up over not making enough ‘progress’. We forget that we have already made it! We already have access to all that we are.

The conscious spiritual path is not something separate to daily human living. It is right here, in and amongst the heat of relationships, work and play, with the rainbow of crazy thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. It is the path of learning love.

I love all that I am
Since my training with Andrew Barnes this summer, his words of truth echo in my mind:

“The time to work on ourselves is over.

The time to love ourselves is now.

The time for processing is over.

The time for loving is now.” Andrew Barnes


And this week, another beautiful anchoring came from a post by Matt Kahn:

be-your-own-best-friend_1“Instead of trying to silence your mind chatter, simply love the one who wants to chat.

Instead of trying to shift your emotions, just love the one who can’t stop feeling.

Instead of trying to resolve each fear, simply love the one who’s always afraid.

Instead of trying to let things go, just love the one who still holds on.

Instead of trying to not take things personally, simply love the one who makes life personal.

Instead of trying to prove your worth, just love the one who feels worthless, lost, and alone.

Instead of trying to leap forward in evolution, simply love the one who feels left behind.

Instead of having something to prove, just love the one who came here to play.

Instead of bossing yourself around and measuring your progress through spiritual obedience, simply love the one who refuses to listen.

Instead of trying to believe, just love the one in doubt.

Instead of trying whatever you attempt, simply love the one needing permission to be.

Whatever arises, love that. This is the way of an awakening heart.”

LoveYourself Dr Seuss

Loving ourselves is the most natural, important, challenging and powerful practice we have been given. Let’s make it enjoyable. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Love yourself as much as you would wish someone to love you. You deserve it!

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4 thoughts on “The time to work on ourselves is over

  1. Soooooooooo truuuuuuuuuuue totally agree with thooooooose woooooooords love it thank you beautiful friend : )) Love you : ))


  2. This is very true and well written. I am reading The Four Agreements and have immensely enjoyed a similar train of thought there. We are so often and so easily knocked down by comments of others that we soon believe what they say about us, and forget who we actually are. Time to love ourselves! Thank you.

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