The one practice that changed my life (Video)

People often ask me how I have transformed myself and my life to move from feeling shut down and burned out to feeling so vibrantly, joyfully alive and free now. As I was rocking out my house cleaning on this rainy Sunday morning, a song came on that reflected exactly what has been the most important transforming practice in my life. I share it in this short video.


Here’s the link to the full song that I mentioned by Miley Cyrus: Hands of Love

I’d love to hear your feedback, comments and any questions you have.

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3 thoughts on “The one practice that changed my life (Video)

  1. Georgina, I am sitting at my desk in awe of your video. Your work is beautiful and authentic! Your video spontaneously describes exactly what I myself have just begun to experience in so many ways. You have brought more light to my understanding and connection – to know we are not alone in this journey…thank you!

    • Hi Laura, how lovely. Thanks for sharing. Indeed, we are not alone on this journey. So great that you are sharing your insights and inspiration from your journey too! Surfing the waves! :))

  2. Wow your video just made it a lot more accessabel to go try these circles that you’re talking about, thank you! I felt scared to try until now, like: maybe I’m not on this level.

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