How You show Me how to be a better Me – reflections from the Rest to Rise Retreat


I am just back from my 3-day Rest to Rise Retreat up in the French Jura. I can’t believe I’ve been running these retreats now since 2011, sometimes 4 times a year, and every single time it’s different and every single time I grow.

I am feeling so blessed and grateful right now. I am reminded of who I want to be.

Again and again, I am blown away by what happens on these retreats.

The people who show up, and I mean really show up, are like mirrors, reflecting back to me my fears and my pains, my self-doubt and confusion, my shadow and my light, my beauty, my strength, and my longing to live a Great life.

They are a direct reflection of my humanity and my divinity, standing before me, looking directly in my eyes.

Wow! That can feel really vulnerable at times, and really inspiring and empowering too.

I am reminded that when I show up, when I relax into being myself, fully, and when I open up to listen and share with others, I realise I have so much in common with pretty much everyone.

We each have our personal struggles and painful life experiences. We each have our crazy, monkey, self-doubting mind. We each have our shame, limiting beliefs and patterns that we’ve made our identity and that hold us back. We have our resistance to the very thing we long for the most. We each have incredible inner resources, wisdom, longing and love.

And how relieving it is to know that I am only human after all!!

Do you ever (unconsciously) run the story that your issues and problems are so unique or shameful that nobody would understand or want to hear them? Funny, isn’t it how we can alienate and separate ourselves ?

In Buddhism, Hinduism and original yogic texts, this illusion of separation is called Avidya – ignorance – and is said to be a root cause of our suffering (Dukha).

So, this past weekend in the French Jura, we took time to create space, to be still and silent, to release tension and to open up. Naturally this lead us to being more able to feel our bodies and our emotions, and to notice the stream of thoughts running through our minds. Some of them positive, some are really not.

Approaching all of this with the ‘right attitude’ is key.

When we support each other to do this with respect, patience, humility, compassion, and curiosity, then true wisdom flows forth. I just love hearing this wisdom emerge from each person as if it were being delivered on a silver platter for me!

The amazing thing is that every time someone shares how they are feeling and what is going on for them – no matter how big their pain, or uncomfortable their story, or wacky their vision is – it is so easy to love them.

As I hear, see and love them exactly as they are, in their pain and in their joy, without needing to give fix or advise or compete, I am loving myself even more in all my chaotic, neurotic, perfect messiness.

The more real and raw they are, the more present I am with my heart and the more alive I feel.

In truth, I yearn for this authenticity. I yearn for this radically real human connection and community. I yearn to show up in this way in life and be met there.

And the incredible thing is that just by creating this relaxed, loving space together, and allowing the space to reveal whatever wants to be revealed, with no push or pull, what gradually emerges is access to our innate sources of energy, joy, inner peace and love.

Inspiration bubbles up. We start to feel free again.

We are ready to rise up again, but now connected to a core and unlimited sense of Self.


Here are some other lessons and reflections I got from spending 3 days with an awesome group of people on the Rest to Rise Retreat: 

  • I am responsible for my life, my health and my happiness.
  • It is my choice to live an inspired and sacred life, aligned with my own truth.
  • I have full control of the energy in body. There is infinite supply of energy in the universe. When I release blockages and tension in my body I can access, channel and be a unique expression of this abundant life force.
  • You are a reflection of me, and I am a reflection of you. By loving you, I am loving me. By loving me, I am loving you.
  • Space, stillness and silence are hugely healing and nourishing, and help me go beyond the crazy chatter of the mind to a deeper, wiser connection with my true nature. Wisdom, clarity, peace of mind, connection and creativity naturally arise.
  • Nature reveals her loving wisdom in powerful and surprising ways when I take quality time and create my own unique relationship with her, really listening to her and trusting her.
  • I choose to create and seek out safe space whereby I can feel my emotions and be seen and felt and heard there by others, without fixing or advising. This unlocks stuck energy and liberates the flow of innate joy.
  • I choose to follow my own path and let others follow their path. I trust that my higher Self is going to guide me and I am going to be open to receive her guidance and abundance.
  • I choose to be in my body, and to feel all there is to feel in this human body.
  • I choose to live in the present moment.
  • Showing up fully is a choice and requires inspired action to share my vulnerable truth.
  • Movement, sound and breath help move energy and emotion (energy in motion) and can transform any moment. Authentic movement, sound and breath arise naturally from within, and connect me to my inner power and resources.
  • I acknowledge that feeling stuck, or disappointed, or uncomfortable, or disconnected is very much part of the awakening and transformational path. I just need to be awake enough in these moments to bring love, understanding and patience.
  • Knowing how good it feels to be deeply connected to myself and to others, I choose to be disciplined and courageous in taking inspired action to reconnect and to feel all there is to be felt, when I find myself closing down, resisting or disconnecting.

I shared some videos on Facebook during the retreat, so you can check them out there.

Join me on a Rest to Rise Retreat in Ibiza!

The next Rest to Rise Retreat will be the longer luxury version in Ibiza in July 2017!!!! Woohoo! I can’t wait. Check out all the details for Rest to Rise Luxury Ibiza here. 



7 tips for riding the wave of transformation

Wow! There are such powerful energies moving and affecting us right now. Are you feeling it? It is quite extraordinary. It may be shaking things up for you.

In short periods of time you might be experiencing a whole suite of emotions. You may be experiencing conflict and negativity within or around you. You may be physically tired and anxious or bursting with energy and creative flow. You may be riding this wave in style and having an absolute blast! Woohooo!

Our bodies and minds are going through big transformations. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable. But know that it is all positive in the bigger scheme of things and this shift in consciousness is ultimately guiding you toward what your heart desires the most.

Here are some practical suggestions for riding the wave of transformation and enjoying the magic.

  1. Relax, Surrender and Open
    This is an opportunity to let go of old ways of thinking, old patterns and strategies that no longer serve you. Rather than resist and fight to hold on, relax, surrender and open to go with the flow. Allow the magic to unfold. The unknown and new can be scary but dare to trust what is shifting and trust that you will know what to do. Don’t rush or push for things to happen faster. Go at your own pace.
  2. Listen
    Be quiet. Spend time in nature. Spend time in silence and in meditation. Spend time resting and listening. Be with your Self. Be with your Soul. To evolve into the new we need to get comfortable in not knowing. As we open our minds and bodies as channels of energy we can allow wisdom and new knowing to emerge.
  3. Follow your heart
    Follow your heart, your intuition, your joy through inspired action. This can take courage but this is the best GPS you’ll ever have and it is always guiding you through the maze. No worries if it feels like you take a wrong direction, tune-in and it will help you course-correct.
  4. Express yourself
    Find channels to express what is moving for you and through you, without projecting onto others. Express your truth in the now moment. Hold no attachment to the result. Just enjoy the expression itself, whether creating a new project or business partnership, or how you parent. It may be through painting or writing or food or voice. It may be through your body in sport, dance or sexuality. Be an expression of this energy so that you can explore its purpose.
  5. Manifest your dreams
    As you follow this energy you will start to truly enjoy an expanded life and manifest your dreams in this new reality. Try to focus the energy on one thing at a time, rather than be leaky and dispersed.
  6. Be in community
    Surround yourself regularly with uplifting, heart-centred, awake people, the people that listen and hold space for whatever is moving, those who are moving toward their dreams and encourage you to follow your dreams. Be in circle and sacred space with others so that you don’t feel you have to carry the torch alone but continue to raise your vibrations together.
  7. Practice gratitude and giving back
    Never take life for granted or consider that life owes you anything. As you evolve and grow through the ups and downs, practice gratitude every day and enjoy giving back in creative ways. Gratitude helps us feel good and inspires us to do good. Be the light and torch bearer for others. Sprinkle angel-dust as you go!

“Seeing with grateful eyes requires that we see the web of interconnection in which we alternate between being givers and receivers”  Robert Emmons in Gratitude Works

Keep calm and surf on

May your ongoing transforming and awakening journey be joyful and filled with love. Enjoy the ride!

Please join me for opportunities to connect to yourself and others in joyful transformation and healing. More details can be found on my website.

It’s not enough to meditate. We need face-to-face heart-centred group practice.

I may rustle a few feathers with this!

It is not enough to focus on an individual practice of personal and spiritual development alone! We need to also practice opening our hearts, listening to, following and communicating from our hearts in relationship to others.

We can only evolve from a disconnected, heady, materialistic, individuated society to a connected, heart-centred, compassionate, abundant community when we actually are that in relation to each other, face-to-face in real life!

We can only shift from a state of half-awake (half-trapped) satisfaction to a state of expansive, joyful, vibrant aliveness if we feel free to be fully ourselves in life, in relation to and while being witnessed by others.

stand out in circle

Your presence, simply being you and expressing your true self in the now is absolutely enough, and so the practice is not being and becoming that alone, but it is being and becoming that in the presence and with the support of others, in the messiness of life, in the face of apathy, abandon, adversity or applause.

We rarely learn or practice this at school, at home, in the workplace or in our individual practice. Therefore, we need to start practicing this together so that we can start to shift gear from just sharing inspiring quotes on facebook, to actually connecting through real, heart-inspired words and action face-to-face!

The limitations of individual practice

I imagine you are someone who has been interested in your own personal growth and development for some time. Perhaps you have a regular personal practice like yoga, meditation, Qi Gong or tapping (EFT). You look after your body through exercise, massage and healthy food. You believe in the law of attraction and you are taking responsibility for your life, your health and your happiness. You are basically doing your best to be and become the best version of You and to enjoy life. I love this about you!

Most personal and spiritual development practices focus on You, knowing your Self and connecting to your own divinity…… alone (at least at first). You need to know and love yourself before you can truly love another. If someone triggers you, you can work more on you, etc.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Indeed I believe strongly that we still need more emphasis on personal responsibility. My own journey with yoga, bodywork, shamanism, stalking nature, astrology, the law of attraction, human design and so forth, is hugely enriching and essential for me, every day. It brings me energy, safety, peace, joy, clarity and dare I say, inspired wisdom! I admit that this is also more my comfort zone.

This kind of personal practice is, however, solely vertical. You connect to your body, your energy, your emotions and ultimately your higher Self or a sense of oneness with all. The risk therefore is that we check-out or reject the human level or parts of it to avoid pain, hurt and the messiness of being human – this is the “spiritual by-pass”. I know this one. I have definitely gone for the spiritual by-pass at times!

A true yoga practice, one that really follows the ancient yogic philosophy, brings yoga off the mat and into life. Yoga, and in particular the Tantra lineage, is in fact the art of living and embodying our divinity. The Yamas and Niyamas (which I have written lots about in the past) are all about being true and authentic in relation to self, first, and then others. But it is not enough for these to be known concepts, they must be practiced…… with others!

Trapped in a boxWithout a conscious practice with others you will likely at some point feel like you are stuck, that there is still something holding you back, that your relationships are not thriving, that abundance is not flowing, that there are too many downs, triggers and difficult emotions, and that your joy is limited.

Sound familiar? So what solution?

We need to complement our individual practices with conscious group practice; that is to complement our vertical practice with a horizontal practice.

We are not islands. We cannot do this alone. We are communal beings and conscious community is the path to massive transformation and accelerated awakening!

Why we need others to move toward our personal joy

The primary goal of life is to enjoy it, to experience it, to feel vibrantly joyfully alive. Simple, right?! So what holds us back?

You and I know that it is an illusion to seek joy outside of ourselves, through others, through doing or acquiring material things. But even when we turn to find the joy within, we get tripped up. We might blame our thoughts, our limiting beliefs, unconscious conditioning etc.

The root cause is actually something that we all have. It’s called core unworthiness.

As you reach for your joy you confront the part of yourself that feels unworthy to let all that joy in. You feel unworthy to show up that bright, that great, that successful, that much loved, and that happy. Thus you hold back and limit your joy, freedom and expansion, consciously or unconsciously with all sorts of clever strategies.

Your core unworthiness is created at a very young age. No baby or very young child seeks to hurt, wound or traumatise itself intentionally. The primary disconnect from your light, your innate goodness and greatness happened due to experiences with others, when you were made wrong or lesser, or you were hurt, abandoned, betrayed, rejected or violated, whether that was intentional or not, whether your interpretation was correct or not. It may have been in relation to your parents, siblings, schoolmates, teachers, religious figures, and so forth.

Since others were involved in your disconnection, others are critical to your reconnection.

It is so easy to get caught up in trying to hide or fix or remove your core unworthiness, or to focus on the past, and this is where we usually get stuck in ‘old school’ personal development and in an individual practice. It is not possible or even desirable to fix or get rid of it.

Here lies the power of group because these shadows will come up for you the more you dare to claim your joy, witnessed by others, just as you are in life. The key is to become aware of your core unworthiness as it comes to the surface and work through it, in the presence of and with the support of others. You then create new positive, healthy experiences and memories for your mind and body in relation to others, and you get to consciously choose your path in life, no longer controlled by the limiting beliefs. And yes, this becomes a practice, for the rest of your life!

Walk your truth

Many people shy away from group because it feels scary. I keep hearing things like, “I am not ready for group work. I need to do some more work on myself!” But of course you can’t get ready for group work alone!! It is in group that you learn to navigate group dynamics, just like it is in life that you learn to live. It’s just not possible to work with these type of shadows and feelings of core unworthiness alone – you will stay stuck with them until they can be seen, claimed, loved and digested.

As we focus on our joy and learn to use the group to overcome fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, we can harness the power of the collective to literally propel us toward our joy and our fullness. As Christian Pankhurst, the founder of the Heart IQ™ Method says, “it is like flying to Beijing instead of walking to Beijing,” the difference is that big to doing this alone.

After spending hundreds of hours this past year in heart-centred group practice, to complement my personal practices, I can say that I have no doubt whatsoever that we need each other to come into our joy and our greatness. I am blown away at the power of circle every single time and how this practice helps me to expand my awareness of myself and my true nature so that I can experience more freedom, joy and connection.

Whether you believe we are human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience, we need to combine the two, and celebrate both! At this meeting point we reveal charisma and depth; authenticity and empathy; embodiment and stillness; wisdom and creativity; safety and belonging; love and JOY!

Group practice

Join me for heart-centred group practice!!

To find out more about opportunities for heart-centred group practice with me, check out my calendar of workshops, retreats and community gatherings – The Path of the Heart Warrior. 


In sharing this post I would like to acknowledge Christian Pankhurst for the inspiration, mentoring and training on joy and group practice through the Heart IQ™ Method. 

A life guided by heart intelligence – introducing Heart IQ in my work

I write to you today just before leaving to a 7-day intensive Heart IQ training in Advanced Large Group Facilitation in Holland with Christian Pankhurst. As many of you know, I have literally spent hundreds of hours in circle over the past year, both for my own personal development and in professional training as a Heart IQ coach. This has been the most profound and transformational year of my life. I feel changed. I am more me and more of me! And there is so much more!

Many people around me are witnessing the change and my passion for circle work but wondering what on earth it is all about. Now this is no easy task! Last weekend I ran my fifth Heart IQ circle here in Rolle and every time I ask the participants how they would describe the experience they say something like – “ah no, it’s impossible, it’s just not like anything you’ve ever experienced or witnessed before!!” Indeed, that is true. We call it going to Narnia!

You see heart intelligence can be natural and available to all of us but it is not so common that we actually experience heart intelligent relationships, work environments or decision-making! Few of us dare to really follow our hearts. We are very well trained in using our minds and this becomes the default. So much so that to tap into our heart intelligence and interact with people in this way can feel totally alien or way too vulnerable at first.

Yet at the same time this is what it feels like to truly come home! With a little practice we remember and it feels sooooo good! As we practice together and, more importantly in our everyday life, any bound energy (tension, suppressed emotions, holding back) gets released and we feel the natural high of life force energy circulating, a sense of inner freedom and an authentic connection to others.

home is where the heart is

It is crystal clear to me now what my purpose is, what drives me and what I stand for. I have discovered and continue to discover parts of me that I was completely unaware of and as a result I can start accessing more innate power to be and become all of me and create the life I want. I have been held and witnessed and loved in my vulnerability, in my shadows and in my light, and this is giving me the confidence to show up just as I am in life. In witnessing others dare to be themselves and step into their fullness I am inspired to open my heart and live life fully. I trust that life is guiding me. And above all, this journey has connected me to an amazing bunch of heartful, soulful, radically authentic people, a platform from which I feel I can open my wings and fly!


To follow your heart is not a luxury or a daydream but rather it is to be guided to live out your soul purpose.

This is accessible to all of us. I like to see it as a practice and commitment to yourself. And you are worth it!!

I believe that it takes the spirit of a warrior to dare to follow your heart in our world. There is much to hold us back from doing it. It takes courage, strength of heart, clear boundaries, perseverance, as well as vulnerability, humility, honesty and surrender. We also need a tribe of like-hearted warriors for support. I call us Heart Warriors.

As the first certified Heart IQ Coach in Suisse Romande, I am excited to bring heart intelligence into my work in many ways and in particular complement the more personal or individual heart-centred practices of yoga, meditation and one-to-one bodywork, with the group practice of Heart Circle. As a very independent and self-sufficient person, only one year ago I would have found this hard to say, but it is crystal clear to me now – we need each other to come into our greatness!

So on this Path of the Heart Warrior, there are a bunch of great ways for us to come together, tune in to our inner wisdom, awaken the heart warrior within, and raise our vibrations in the coming weeks and months. Here are some of my offerings:

Please check out all the details and dates of upcoming events on my website! I hope to see you soon 🙂 

And here is a video I just published talking further about what I do and why I am so passionate about it!! I’d love to hear from you if this resonates with you!


Eight keys to happiness…… really?

Cheesy title, I know! Are you curious? Is it possible to identify the keys to happiness? Scientists seem to think so. Marketing and sales people certainly like to think they can! The Government of Bhutan is giving it a go. Perhaps the subject is over-worked and yet, isn’t it the quest of every person every day?!

I would say that my whole life is committed to exploring the art of joyful living, which actually goes beyond happiness since I quite enjoy experiencing other emotions too. However, I do seek out ways that allow me to experience happiness as often as possible. Let’s admit, it’s pretty easy to get attached to it!!

So in my personal quest, here are what I, in my humble opinion, consider to be eight keys to (my) happiness*.

1. Community
I truly believe this is number 1, and top priority, even if sometimes we don’t like to admit it. For me, community involves sharing, supporting each other through the good times and the challenges, celebrating together, moving on purpose together, learning from each other, receiving, contributing and giving back. Everyone has their place. Why is it so important for our happiness? It’s in our nature. True community allows us to feel safe, connected and that we belong. From firm roots we can stand to be all of who we are. And ultimately happiness needs to be shared!

happiness-is-when-you-think-what-you-say-and-what-you-do-are-in-harmony2. Following your truth (authenticity)
To follow your truth requires you to be connected to yourself, to be clear on who you are, what you stand for, what you want and what feels right in any given moment. It is to discern between your truth and your conditioning. It is to truly, deeply value yourself and your right to be a happy, healthy you. It is to fully trust your heart and inner guidance, even as you move through limiting beliefs and fears. It is to be authentic in how you show up in life and how you relate to others. To follow your truth is to live on purpose. It allows you to be free and follow your joy. Yep, its a biggy!!

3. Embodied self expression
Happiness is not a theoretical idea. It is a physiological experience, involving hormones! You need to get into your body and feel it. Being the full and authentic expression of yourself through your physical body, energy and emotions supports happiness. For me, for example, this comes through intuitive dance movement and sound, through my sensuality and sexuality, as well as through bringing all of myself into every massage or even every hug. It is daring to explore and reveal and be moved by your magnificent and ever-changing internal landscape. It is being and experiencing all of you.

4.Self nourishment
Healthy food, fresh air, exercise, rest, laughter, a massage, a hot bath, an early night, picking flowers, gardening, painting, singing in the shower, a holiday in the sun, a walk in the park, a yummy chocolate moelleux dessert! Enjoying whatever makes your heart sing. A good dose of self-love every day is a must I reckon. Take responsibility for your happiness.

5. Intimacy
Intimacy is connecting deeply, emotionally, vulnerably to another person. It is about opening your heart to love, letting your guard down, and sharing what you really feel and who you are. It is feeling another person emotionally and energetically, and letting their love in. It’s hugging for 20 seconds or more! Intimacy can be shared without words, but being able to communicate from your heart as well massively enhances intimacy. And again, happiness needs to be shared.


6. Spending time in nature
It nourishes the soul, as well as the body and mind. Tonnes of research (especially my own experiential research of course!) shows that time in nature makes you feel more alive, gives you a sense of vitality, improves your immune system, reduces depression, and activates parts of the brain associated with balance and happiness. As you soak in the negative ions and take a deep breath of fresh air, it seems to put things back into perspective. It brings you home. We are nature after all!

7. Being present – choosing happiness
Feeling your body (physical, emotional, energetic) and focusing your mind (where you put your attention) gets you present. To be present is to be in awe and wonder at what is real right now. It is to live in the question rather than the answer. How could you ever be bored or anxious if you are truly present in every moment? To be present doesn’t guarantee happiness of course. But if you are not present you might miss the happiness! And only if you are present can you choose to be happy, to follow what makes you happy or to be surprised by it! It is only NOW that exists.

8. Time with Self
happiness-is-an-inside-job-11A little bit of time every day to be quiet, tune in and be still in yourself. This is the most important relationship you will ever have. Whether you like it or not, it is for life! It can be an exquisite love relationship that needs to be honoured. Be still within you (so that can be through movement too) and listen. Open with compassion to the learning and guidance. Here is the potential to feel connection to Source or Spirit, something beyond your physical body. I like to honour Spirit by connecting morning and evening, and giving gratitude at the end of every day. It brings me incredible stillness, trust and yep, happiness!


So there it is, my reflection on some keys to happiness. Perhaps not the definitive list though I reckon you could fit most things into these eight points, if expanded on further. But of course, please don’t take my truth for granted. What is it that makes you happy? What would you add or remove from this list? I’d love to hear.

Happiness-Is...header * as a caveat – I don’t consider these to be universal and I am focusing on happiness once you have your basic human needs met. 


I have a vision…

I have a vision I would like to share with you. It involves coming together to be and share the joyful expressions of life that we truly are.

First let me share more about what I mean by joy.

I believe that to connect to our intrinsic joy is to feel alive. To feel alive is to feel what is real in our physical bodies, our emotions and our energy in any given moment. The key word here being to FEEL whatever is moving in us, whether that be happiness, sadness, anger, numbness, disconnect, love, vibration, tension etc.

For me, to be joyfully and vibrantly alive is to be a real and full expression of ourselves, to embody and follow our truth and our longing. It is to connect authentically and intimately with others; to let love in. It is to connect to a sense of something greater than ourselves, to take inspired action and to surrender in absolute trust. It is to own all of ourselves, the light and the dark, without making any part of ourselves wrong.

To be joyfully alive is not the same as feeling happy all the time. It is not dependent on any particular emotion or situation. It is the practice of opening our hearts and a choice we make in each moment.

My vision involves creating a space where we practice opening our hearts so that we may come home to ourselves and to each other.

We are social beings. We are spiritual beings. We are complex, energetic and intelligent beings. As we open to life, the greater and the more joyful our awareness of interconnectedness, through our body, energy and emotions, through Spirit, other people and nature.

My vision is simply a reflection of life in its natural state of expression. It draws on my experience in the Heart IQ Network, my conversations with students, clients and friends, and my own life and longing. The more I open my heart and let energy and life move me, the more energy and life bubbles and fires up inside me, and the more I long to be in authentic community, to love, dance, sing, express, share, and connect. All around me, in our disconnected world, I am hearing about people’s longing for connection.

This is a vision of…..

A vibrant place, a welcoming place, a joyful place,
…a place that invites you to come home to yourself,
…a place to come home to supportive and joyful community,
…a place to authentically share the experiences and expressions of life.

A place where there’s no need to be right, only the desire to be real,
…where being me is fine, and being you is fine too,
…where no-one is trying to fix you, or advise you, or change you,
…where open hearts generate acceptance, compassion and self-love.

A place where people coming together remember that all is connected,
…where I am reminded that you are me, cleverly disguised as you,
…where your awakening is my awakening,
…where our diversity inspires us and connects us.

A place where individuals are seen, felt and heard,
…where each person is empowered to claim their fullness,
…where each one’s greatness is celebrated,
…where we remember who we are and how life can be.

A place for us to open, explore, grow, share, play, sing, dance, laugh, cry, love, and BE alive!

Elaneha Expressions Community

A vision becoming real
For many years now I have had this vision developing in my heart and mind. Little by little the universe is gifting me with clarity and practical means to make it real.

In June 2013, I asked the universe for one place where I could teach yoga, massage, facilitate small group work and create community. Two weeks later I was invited to take over the yoga programme at Elaneha, with a therapy room becoming available and a great space to host small groups and events!

In August 2013, I experienced for the first time Heart IQ circle work and the heart intelligent community created by Christian Pankhurst. This work has literally blown my mind and heart open, helped me embody my truth, clarified my vision and allowed me to experience the power of authentic community. Since then I have trained with Christian to lead this work and on the 27th April, 2014, I host the first Heart IQ practice day at Elaneha.

More pieces came together in conversations, dreams and shamanic journeys. Many more people inspired me and encouraged me. The longing, my own and others, has continued to grow stronger. More than a longing, the need to connect!

In January 2014 I wrote down and shared my vision with Brigitte, the owner of Elaneha. Hearts and visions connected. The result is Elaneha Expressions, the physical manifestation of this vision in the making.

ElanehaElaneha Expressions
At Elaneha, in Rolle, Switzerland, we will host regular community gatherings and events, Expressions of Joyful Living. These events propose to co-create safe space for people to be present and real with themselves and others; inspire and add value to people’s lives; create heart-centred, soulful community through authentic, joyful connection; and to celebrate life.

Events will be led by inspired holistic practitioners, scientists, artists, and anyone who wants and can share a meaningful experience around: Dance • Song • Music • Movement • Breath • Meditation • Story telling • Inspiration • Creativity • Nature • Spirituality • Love & Intimacy • Personal Development • Nutrition • and more as we co-create.

An invitation
So here it is – a vision and an invitation. This vision is an open sketch that requires colours and form. I invite those of you living nearby in Switzerland to join me and the team at Elaneha in co-creating this vision in ways that feel heart-centred, joyful and true for you.

The purpose of life I believe is to enjoy it, to experience ourselves. So hey, let’s dance, together!

You can get involved, propose events and find details of upcoming events at

Heart in hand