Passing through crazy to come home to wholesome and wholehearted

In my classes and retreats, I often speak to ‘coming home’ to yourself. This is the first essential step in experiencing joy and freedom. To truly live from that place of ‘home’, however, deeply rooted in your authentic self, means to fully embrace all of you, to be wholesome and wholehearted.

We all know the phrase, “Home is where the heart is”. It can certainly mean the time or place where, or the people with whom, we feel a deep, heartfelt connection. It can also mean literally wherever we currently find ourselves, alive and heart beating, conscious and present to all that we are feeling and experiencing. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says, “Wherever you go, there you are”.

But have you ever found yourself feeling torn between two or more possibilities, two decisions, two points of view? If I walk out this door right now my life will be completely different than if I stay put.

Every moment, with every thought, word and action, we are influencing and creating our reality.

We all have the capacity to imagine and experience multiple realities. We can ‘put ourselves in their shoes’ as we say, to get a sense of someone else’s perspective. Even beyond sharing life experiences with another, we have the capacity to empathise with any other human or even animal. That’s awesome (and a bit more of it is generally needed!)

We are many things all at once. In me is child, mother, priestess, seductress, warrior, human, animal, goddess. I am masculine and feminine. I am witch and bitch. I am a lover and hater. I am physical muscles, bones and organs, and I hold the elements of the entire universe within me. I am forty years old and I have lived many lifetimes. I am ignorant and I am wise beyond all knowledge.

To be wholesome, we must remain truthful to our vulnerable complexity. In order to keep our balance, we need to hold the interior and exterior, visible and invisible, known and unknown, temporal and eternal, ancient and new, together. No-one else can undertake this task for you. You are the one and only threshold of an inner world. This wholesomeness is holiness. To be holy is to be natural; to befriend the worlds that come to balance in you.

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

John O’Donohue continues to write, “Each one of us is doomed and privileged to be an inner artist who carries and shapes a unique world“.

Our ability to shape-shift and imagine and create is extraordinary, confusing and terrifying at the same time. Perhaps it is this that creates so much stress, fear, neurotic behaviour, and, dare I say it, willingness to be strongly conditioned by societal norms. We struggle to make sense and peace with our own complexity. We are terrified that some of that inner madness might make us unloveable or do something bad that would have us rejected.

So when we sit with ourselves and notice and hear and feel our inner world, that can feel kind of crazy at first! As we sit more and more, it can feel even more crazy!


Taking to time to sit and contemplate the inner landscape. Georgina Peard by CarlosGonzalez Photographie

So I am here to say, it’s ok. It’s even ‘normal’.

Alongside the downright crazy is the imaginative potential to create a new paradigm on earth.

Many of us skim the surface or simply avoid this inner space though. Many of us nourish the parts that we like, and attempt to diminish other parts that appear a bit dark and ugly.

Brené Brown refers to the whole messy process of being human, and that it takes a whole lot of vulnerability and courage and compassion to own all that we are, to show up and be seen, and to live life wholeheartedly.

Wholehearted living, as Brené calls it, is about loving ourselves and embracing all that we are. It’s a process and a choice in each moment.

So first we must dare to come home to ourselves and embrace the magnificent, wild and wonderful inner world with honesty, curiosity and love, as well as a certain lighthearted sense of humour.

Gradually then, we begin to truly rest within ourselves, to feel deeply rooted in our own being, at home in our own soul essence.

From this wholesome and wholehearted place, we may then be truly surprised and delighted by the unique and authentic expression that is born, again and again.

Let’s not fear or shy away from ALL that we are, but rather, as O’Donohue explains it from the Celtic understanding of inner friendship, let’s embrace our “nature, divinity, underworld and human world as one”.

Allow the child in you to delight in such fanciful imagination and limitless possibility.

From a place of wholeness, enjoy creating yourself anew in each moment.

“When we rediscover our childlike nature, we enter into a world of gentle possibility. Consequently, we will find ourselves more frequently at the place of ease, delight and celebration”

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

7 tips for riding the wave of transformation

Wow! There are such powerful energies moving and affecting us right now. Are you feeling it? It is quite extraordinary. It may be shaking things up for you.

In short periods of time you might be experiencing a whole suite of emotions. You may be experiencing conflict and negativity within or around you. You may be physically tired and anxious or bursting with energy and creative flow. You may be riding this wave in style and having an absolute blast! Woohooo!

Our bodies and minds are going through big transformations. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable. But know that it is all positive in the bigger scheme of things and this shift in consciousness is ultimately guiding you toward what your heart desires the most.

Here are some practical suggestions for riding the wave of transformation and enjoying the magic.

  1. Relax, Surrender and Open
    This is an opportunity to let go of old ways of thinking, old patterns and strategies that no longer serve you. Rather than resist and fight to hold on, relax, surrender and open to go with the flow. Allow the magic to unfold. The unknown and new can be scary but dare to trust what is shifting and trust that you will know what to do. Don’t rush or push for things to happen faster. Go at your own pace.
  2. Listen
    Be quiet. Spend time in nature. Spend time in silence and in meditation. Spend time resting and listening. Be with your Self. Be with your Soul. To evolve into the new we need to get comfortable in not knowing. As we open our minds and bodies as channels of energy we can allow wisdom and new knowing to emerge.
  3. Follow your heart
    Follow your heart, your intuition, your joy through inspired action. This can take courage but this is the best GPS you’ll ever have and it is always guiding you through the maze. No worries if it feels like you take a wrong direction, tune-in and it will help you course-correct.
  4. Express yourself
    Find channels to express what is moving for you and through you, without projecting onto others. Express your truth in the now moment. Hold no attachment to the result. Just enjoy the expression itself, whether creating a new project or business partnership, or how you parent. It may be through painting or writing or food or voice. It may be through your body in sport, dance or sexuality. Be an expression of this energy so that you can explore its purpose.
  5. Manifest your dreams
    As you follow this energy you will start to truly enjoy an expanded life and manifest your dreams in this new reality. Try to focus the energy on one thing at a time, rather than be leaky and dispersed.
  6. Be in community
    Surround yourself regularly with uplifting, heart-centred, awake people, the people that listen and hold space for whatever is moving, those who are moving toward their dreams and encourage you to follow your dreams. Be in circle and sacred space with others so that you don’t feel you have to carry the torch alone but continue to raise your vibrations together.
  7. Practice gratitude and giving back
    Never take life for granted or consider that life owes you anything. As you evolve and grow through the ups and downs, practice gratitude every day and enjoy giving back in creative ways. Gratitude helps us feel good and inspires us to do good. Be the light and torch bearer for others. Sprinkle angel-dust as you go!

“Seeing with grateful eyes requires that we see the web of interconnection in which we alternate between being givers and receivers”  Robert Emmons in Gratitude Works

Keep calm and surf on

May your ongoing transforming and awakening journey be joyful and filled with love. Enjoy the ride!

Please join me for opportunities to connect to yourself and others in joyful transformation and healing. More details can be found on my website.

Don’t give up. Create space and rest.

When you are feeling tired and lethargic, overwhelmed and anxious, grumpy and hopeless, it is your body’s call for rest. It is your heart’s call to be heard. It is your soul’s call to reconnect.

Create space. Rest. Listen.

Don’t give up. The song by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel came on the radio in the car this week and has been repeating in my head for days (along with the image of their very 80s music video!).

A poignant message of love, empathy and hope, this song has such depth and significance, for our relationships with ourselves, with our partners, with each other.

As I prepare for my upcoming Rest to Rise programme of retreats, restshops and heart circles, the song made me reflect on our cultural trends and norms, and the epidemics of stress-related malaise, burn-out, depression and anxiety. So many people feeling disconnected and tired. So many people becoming more sensitive to a way of life that isn’t working for them.

These words started to flow and I wrote them down:

Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your heart’s passion for life, on your dreams. Don’t believe those negative, self-depreciating, hopeless or angry thoughts.

You are tired and weary, that’s all.

You have been pushing for too long. You have been trying so hard. You have been caught up in cultural trends and illusions, making you think you need to do more, have more, be more.

In your heart you are just seeking love, belonging and connection. You are passionate at heart, longing to live and love fully. You are doing the best you can.

Don’t give up. The pain that you are feeling is the pain of disconnection. It is the pain of holding on and holding back, of suppressing for too long the full expression of life and of humanness as it seeks to flow through you.

To be human is to be wounded. Loss and pain are inevitable. Your pains are those of all humanity.

Don’t give up. Don’t give up on your joy.

Your body is calling you home, like a wise old friend. Come home to the fireside, be comfortable, be quiet, be still. Rest. Let go. Let yourself be comforted and held. There is nothing to do, no place to go, nothing to know, no-one to respond to. Relax.

Be quiet. Be still. Rest.

Soften and let go. Let go. Let go.

Rest deeply. Rest completely.

In this place you will remember. Remember. Remember.

Grace and ease abide in this place.

Stay here for as long as you need. Come back as often as you can.


Every week in my work I meet people whose bodies are struggling to keep up with the pace, chronic stress, being connected all the time to screens and technology, and the lack of down-time or space for rest. The result is a loss of creativity, vitality and passion.

I know this feeling in myself all too well. This is why I created Rest to Rise.

Rest to Rise is a customised programme that supports you to rest deeply. It empowers you to restore your health, energy, clarity and compassion.

Too many people are pushing through, using pharmaceuticals and other strategies like alcohol, work, shopping or food, or dropping into depression, to numb out the discomfort.

We all have times in our lives when we just feel exhausted, overwhelmed, hopeless and out of control. We may experience sadness, anger, guilt and despair. Whether it is parenting, or looking after ageing parents, the loss of a loved one, a health issue, work deadlines, financial pressure, or the growing pressure we put ourselves under to achieve and succeed some sort of status, it is only human to have periods in our life that are particularly taxing. It is only logical then that our bodies and minds need regular time off to rest and recuperate.

The source of the discomfort is disconnection. The remedy connection.

The remedy starts with creating space and resting, deeply.

If it is not comfortable or possible to do this alone, reach out. Support, love, belonging and connection is all available in abundance when we dare to ask. And oh yeh, it’s so enjoyable to just let go and have someone take good care of you!

So, please, don’t give up. Create some space for yourself and rest.

Everything feels different when we are well rested!

For more information on upcoming Retreats, Restshops, Massages and Heart Circles, check out my websites:   and   and join me on Facebook.

The Freedom in the Not-Knowing

“Think Less. Relax More. Listen More. Then, new knowing will begin to flow into your mind.” Erich Schiffmann

I like to remind myself often that I don’t know what I don’t know. How could I? The moment we get stuck and attached to needing to know (or even worse, in thinking that we do know!), we become righteous and unteachable, and greatly limit our potential.

Have you ever noticed how desperately attached we are to ‘knowledge’ in our society, and more specifically to ‘needing to know’? (I am talking here about knowing beyond what is one’s own ‘truth’ in any given moment)

We like to know the answers. We like to know where we are going. We desperately fear not knowing how something will go by worrying a lot about it! We like to think we know best. My way or my perspective is the right one.

We judge a person’s value and worth on how much they know (or at least should know based on all the training and research and studies they’ve done!). Doctors get paid a lot more that intuitive healers, for instance!! (wink)

It is such a part of our conditioning and value system that often it goes unnoticed and unquestioned.

Don’t get me wrong. The quest for knowing more (and especially the acceptance that we don’t know A LOT) is a major positive driving force in our evolution.

Have you ever reflected honestly, though, on how much of your tension, anxiety and stress is created from desperately trying to KNOW? We grasp for it and hold on to it for dear life as a form of control, to avoid the predicament of our very real vulnerability.

Not-knowing is painful, even terrifying!

If I know more I AM more (worthy of love). The more I know the more I can avoid or minimise the painful feelings of shame, not being good enough, and of being a vulnerably mortal being.

Sitting in meditation recently (on an airplane as it happened), I caught myself feeling very confused and perplexed. Confused about how I was showing up, what I was doing, what I was valuing and what I wanted in the bigger picture of a life-time. There was such a muddle in my head, I was feeling lost and out of control.

As I tuned into my body, I felt tension in my muscles and an energy of resistance or struggle in relation to this confusion. I could feel how tiring that was on my whole system to be in constant fight-mode, and what a waste of energy!

I noticed some thoughts – What is wrong with me? I should have it all worked out by now. Am I heading toward breakdown? At an emotional level I noticed I was down on myself and feeling some shame about being in this place. And of course with all that chatter, I could feel that I was vibrating pretty low.

I sat with it, curious about all these feelings.

Little by little I invited my body to relax, layer by layer, like butter melting in the oven. As I started to let go of the tension I noticed my body breathing more freely. I continued to enjoy the process of relaxing and feeling myself opening. What a relief to let go of the effort and struggle around not-knowing. The effort of trying to KNOW or to be something that some part of me thought I needed to be.

Then, with an internal chuckle and a note of glee across my face and in my heart, I remembered……a higher “knowing” flowed into me…….

The acceptance of not-knowing….

….. invites me to be fully present here and NOW.
….. means that I am open to the real truth in this NOW experience. 
….. is a humble and awake state of being.
….. is way more advanced than thinking that I know.
….. is FREEDOM!! 

Aha! I’m not having a breakdown. I am having a breakthrough!

Youpee! I felt so much joy as I just let it all go. I was home again in myself, riding the wave of life, the great unknown mystery. This type of ‘knowing’ was visceral and trustworthy.

Now, why oh why do I keep forgetting?!! I guess it is so that I experience the joy of remembering again and again.

When you sit to meditate you drop into the NOW experience and that guides you to whatever the truth happens to be in this NOW. 

It is such an exquisite feeling to be totally present to the feeling of letting go and opening up energetically. In yoga we speak of a thousand-petaled lotus on the crown of the head blossoming open.

crown-chakra lotus

Meditation (or sitting relaxation if the word and idea of meditation scares you) is for me a very special private moment where I get completely honest with myself by ‘listening’ and ‘feeling’ what is really going on with me. It is humbling too to sit in the not-knowing.

As we relax and open to listen, wisdom starts to flow and the fog clears. In this ‘knowing’ we can trust. The challenge is just to trust ourselves enough that the knowing will always come, in any situation, when we dare to get present, vulnerably present, listen to our body and watch out for the signs through all our senses.

Meditation is such an essential part of conscious joyful living.

I invite you to sit and relax into not-knowing and experience the lightness, joy and freedom it brings. You may just be amazed at how wise you become too!!

Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Do you ever find yourself battling with yourself to keep resolutions or make those positive changes in your life? Do you get frustrated that despite your best efforts things just aren’t working out for you like you expected? Do you find yourself annoyed, frustrated, trying to push through, and filled with inner turmoil? Or do you give up on yourself and your resolutions, filled with excuses why it’s just not for you or who you are, and immerse yourself in the old self-defeating habits?

Come on You! You don’t deserve to treat yourself with such disdain, beating yourself up. You don’t deserve either to give up on yourself or your dreams! And it doesn’t have to be so hard!

In line with my single resolution of unconditional self-love, I know there is another way. I am talking about combining self-love and the path of least resistance.

flow of life-least-resistance

Become adventurer

Transforming, evolving, learning, growing, experiencing – this is our journey in life. All of the downs, the hold ups, the knock backs, the quiet times, the vague times and the procrastinating, feet-dragging times, don’t mean that we are evolving or growing any less. It all contributes to an innately enjoyable and fulfilling journey when you adopt the right attitude.

What if those hold ups are all part of the process needed to allow you to be in the right place at the right time?

Imagine this journey….

Imagine getting on a bus, discovering after a few kilometres that it was not the one you wanted to take, and spending the whole journey trying to stop the bus, turn it round, resisting every bump, complaining that it was not the bus you were supposed to be on, and going over all that you should have done. In the mean time, you will have missed the beautiful scenery. You will have missed meeting new people and having unexpected conversations. You will miss seeing how the new destination is maybe even better than the one you planned. And you will have wasted so much energy and added some grey hairs in the process!!

Discipline or surrender?

I certainly believe in clear goals, vision, discipline, focus, hard work and conscious manifesting to create the life we most desire. I also believe in surrender, letting go of control, relaxing, feeling, listening, opening, asking and trusting that perhaps there is another, even better way. (This is not the same as giving up.)

We need both. There are times when focus and hard work are called for, even working through challenges. Sometimes though pure surrender is needed. Overall we need the parallel approach, both in equal proportions.

For most of us surrender and trust are more difficult. We often push and pull and control and resist until finally we have no choice but to surrender. This is the case with burnout and other stress-related health problems when our body cries out “Stop”!

So what of this path of least resistance?

In all honesty this is not the path I have known best. I too have most frequently chosen the battlefields. Perhaps my desire for passion and adventure has me seeking the adrenaline rush and I mistake it for feeling more alive. I want to make things happen quicker, sooner, and to avoid all pain and suffering!

In truth it is scary to let go, to do less, to be patient and to trust, to wait for the invitation.

And yet, wow, it feels so good! It feels like a whole new way of being, like freedom, which in itself can feel destabilizing when you have been addicted to the stress and tension of the battlefields!

So what is this path of least resistance?

Imagine walking through a maze. All is going fine – you are focused on the end destination – freedom perhaps? But suddenly you hit dead-end after dead-end. You have to push through brambles. You come to door after door that is closed. It starts to be less fun this journey! But rather than panicking or angrily forcing through a closed door, you keep alert and radically present to the signs, you manage your energy, you get intrigued by the adventure, you laugh and enjoy noticing the flowers and birds, and you realize that in fact freedom has always been there, inside you. And then, naturally, with ease a door opens, and suddenly the way becomes clearer. Then another door opens and you are moving forward into new territory again, filled with awe and wonder. Feel how your energy can be maintained and channeled to good purpose in this way.

least resistance

The path of least resistance is….

The path of least resistance is one where you know what you want, you are clear on your big picture goals, on what you want to feel and be and become, but you are not attached it being the only way, nor to the how or the when. You are not set on the exact itinerary for your journey. You are open to the surprise.

You let the journey, life itself, be your guide and show you the ‘how’ in ways that you could not have known in advance. You let the universe work its serendipitous magic.

“Remember that you don’t know what you don’t know”

This is not the path of victimhood, giving up, not caring or leeching on to others. This is the path of true unconditional self-love; a path where you never lose your sense of purpose and worthiness. You honour and remember that you are here for good reason and this is being revealed to you. This is a path of trust, knowing that you are being guided, feeling and listening for the signs, so that the universe may unfold in your life and through you the absolute highest good that is seeking to manifest at any one time.

This is the path where you know to be ready to take inspired action, perhaps even courageous action, when the moment is presented, because you are ready (or at least the universe thinks you are!!)

On this path you are resourceful and economical with your energy. You are even filled up and nourished along the path by all that the journey has to offer you.

This is the path of following what truly feels good and nourishing to your body, heart and soul.

The key indicator is, “does it feel good, now?”

  1. Pause – Feel. Do you feel good?
  2. If not……Wait – Trust – Listen – Feel – Watch
  3. Stay focused – enjoy your longing, be clear on your goals, remember your purpose
  4. Wait – Trust – Listen – Feel – Watch
  5. When it feels good – move, take inspired, courageous action.

So maybe that longing to get up 15 minutes earlier to meditate every morning becomes available in a weeks time because this week you chose to love yourself by getting some deep peaceful sleep. Perhaps you find yourself with the opportunity to start going to bed earlier some nights because that feels really good and it starts to feel easier to get up in the mornings.

And maybe the hold ups and knock backs on you project are in fact giving you a much-needed breather, some space to reflect on your truth or to smooth out the details or an opportunity to meet a new partner who can add a whole new dimension to your work.

Pushing and shoving and resisting and raging in tantrum rarely do any good and certainly don’t feel good.

In what part of your life are you feeling the pains of resistance and fight? How about daring to try out the path of least resistance? How about daring to love yourself even more and follow what feels good when the going gets tough? 

With love. Take care of you because you are here for good reason.

What if there were no more walls between you and your dreams?

A short while after waking this morning, as I sat on my yoga mat asking to be inspired for the day, I suddenly remembered a dream I’d had last night. In an instant I got a download of all the details of the dream and what it meant for me. It was really fascinating and I’d like to share it with you.

You see, every night when I go to bed, before I lie down, I have a little ritual. I give gratitude to myself and for my day, I forgive myself for any illusions or ways in which I have been hard on myself, I ask for support as I follow my path and in particular, I ask my spirit guides to provide me guidance during the night.

In my dream last night I was in my old primary school in Ireland – the school I went to from the age of 4 to 11. It was a small school with only 3 classrooms. I was an adult though in this dream and I was there alone, early in the morning.

Standing on a small ladder I started to hang something up on a wall, which, in this dream, was a partition wall between two classrooms, made up of many sections. As I tapped a nail into the wall, with very little effort, the whole wall, spanning the entire room, suddenly fell down at my feet!! I gasped with shock. I was now standing in the middle of this big space, the next classroom fully open.

And then, to my shock, in the next second, the next wall in front of me suddenly collapsed. I stood there aghast. I could now see through the whole building, not a single internal wall left standing. And then, suddenly, before I could even react, part of the outside wall straight ahead of me collapsed and I could see straight out into the daylight.

tunnel_light copy

I was so shocked and scared. I could feel the space and the emptiness. There was freedom but there was also fear. I could see the daylight in front of me but I was scared by so much space around me. I felt vulnerable. What would people say? How would they react?

I rushed to reconstruct the walls myself!!

By the time people arrived at the school I had reconstructed the walls. No one knew they had fallen. No one knew I had reconstructed them.

Shortly after, I was sitting down in the middle classroom. I observed then with amazement as a teacher folded and pushed back one of the partition walls to the side and opened up the space again.  I laughed at how easy and perfect it was, and again how spacious it felt with no effort on my part.

My dream ended.

You may have your own thoughts on the symbolic nature of this dream. For me the walls represent the walls I have put up in my life, many from early childhood, in primary school, due to conditioning, emotional hurt, and misinterpretations. Many are the limiting beliefs I continue to hold about myself and what I can and can’t do. Some are defense mechanisms to avoid letting too much love in or too much of my internal world out. Some are the challenges and difficulties I see or imagine between me and my dreams. Some are real but most are illusions.

When those walls fell, there was nothing standing between me and my light or my dreams. So much freedom and potential! I got a taste of that potential and the reality that those walls are paper thin, able to drop at any moment, with no effort at all. I got to feel how clear and open my path is, straight ahead, standing alone on the top of my ladder!

Man on the top of the rock

But I got scared – scared of that greatness, that potential to step into my light! This is called a light shadow (as opposed to our shadows that we often consider dark, ugly and unlovable). It felt very vulnerable to stand high on that ladder and own all of me.

I rebuilt the walls between me and my joy and greatness, myself!! No one else put them there despite perhaps my thinking sometimes that others or life itself makes things difficult.

The walls also represent safety. We need these walls and certain defense mechanisms to feel safe. They provide shelter and comfort. They provide the cavern in which we can come home to ourselves, reconnect and re-source our energy, light and inspiration. They are not wrong or weak. We can choose though, when they serve us and when they don’t, when we can let them down and move forward.

What I found interesting in this dream was that it was not hard to let these walls drop, I didn’t have to fight for it and push through, and sometimes they were actually moved for me!!

So, I ask myself, having seen the light, and knowing that the walls are not so thick and not so hard to let down, do I dare to follow my heart and be all that I can be?

Do you?

I thank my guides for this wisdom that comes through my dreams!

Here is a photo of my old primary school today!! How fun to remember many childhood years here!!!

Flowerfield Primary School