6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Georgina, I have just come across your blog and it is amazing. I identify with so much of what you have written. My favourite is about your ultimate purpose. Thank you so much for your gifts that are within your articles.

  2. To connect with ease and grace to your loneliness, I believe, is to meet your Soul. YES, Georgina!

    I believe so, too, and I want to THANK YOU, to speak out what I didn’t have the words for… and also I want to say “HALLO!, for no ‘reason’ at all”…
    I just came home from town with a small and still a little weeping YES about my deep (‘why-me-so-deep-?’)-loneliness and a huge relief of not resisting it anymore (at the same time).
    I am alone and I felt extremely lonely this morning but also realized, that the pain is more coming from the judgments of my mind than… ? (let’s safe a discussion on “reality” for another time :-)…

    I wanted to buy some food and didn’t feel much joy (not a bit) to choose anything or to track a desire what my body needed neither to find some excitement about cooking just for myself.
    Sitting in the train with a few weird shoppings and a bottle of wine (!), I could let go and just BE with the pain and remain open in it without resistance.
    My tears (it was quite a river) seemed to turn into pearls, as if I was sparkling diamond dust…
    I received a gorgeous smile from the heart of a young woman opposite and the most courteous sympathy of a group of 4 young fellows next to me.
    It was like a blessing on both sides when I had to go off the train – as if I had encouraged them to show up in any state of vulnarability and for sure they had given me understanding, empathy, love and strength in such an uplifting way… without a single word exchanged!

    …no ingredients for a fantastic fanciful diner tonight, no lover, no guest, NOthing has changed – but my perception of loneliness…
    More and more I agree with what you (might have) meant:
    LOVE is a l-ONE-ly ‘thing’… – isn’t it?

    Good to feel ONE with you in my lonely heart this very moment…

    • Thank you Harachi for sharing. Yes, I feel you. How beautiful to feel so open and deep, and also to be met with such compassion and empathy from total strangers, without even a word. Wonderful. Thank you. ❤

  3. Hi Georgina, althrough there isn’t that much activity on your blog (anymore) I thought I choose this way to get in touch…and see if you get my message 🙂 It was quite interesting the way I found out about you – it actually was via your mother – but that is a longer story and needs more explanation. In any case I felt that I needed to get in touch with you. I wish I had known about you and Elaneha when we (my husband and I) traveled to Geneva and the Lac Leman area last summer. I would have liked to hear more about your “vision” that you mention on your blog here. and how you ended up in Switzerland. Enough said here. I’ll see if you get this. I really like the energy being conveyed through your website, shared thoughts and pictures!

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